Soldiers and Sailors Monument

Soldiers and Sailors Monument (HMN7U)

Location: New Haven, CT 06511 New Haven County
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Country: United States of America
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N 41° 19.635', W 72° 54.283'

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[ inscription on the west face of the base ]
Gettysburg · Port Hudson · Fort Fisher · 1861-1865

[ inscription on the east face of the base ]
Bunker Hill · Bennington · Saratoga · 1775-1783

[ inscription on the south face of the base ]
Lake Erie · Lake Champlain · New Orleans · 1812-1815

[ inscription on the north face of the base ]
Palo Alto · Molino Del Rey · Chapultepec · 1846-1848

[ west plaque ]
1861 1865
Soldiers and Sailors of New Haven
Who Died in Defense of the Union.
First Regiment Conn. Cavalry
David C. Hunt. 1st Sergt. Co. B · Pliny A. Jewett. Qr. Mr. Sergt. Co. E · Henry E. Peck. Sergt. Co. E · Robert Ava Peck. Sergt. Co. F · George Clarence. Corpl. Co. L · Bishop, Charles A. Co. I · Cahill, John Co. F · Corn, George Co. E · Dibble, Edward W. Co. H · Doty, William H. Co. A · Edwards, Charles Co. F · Flynn, Michael Co. E · Hawley, William L. Co. B · Hiller, Frederick J. Co. D · Hotchkiss, Frederick R. Co. B · Kenney, Michael Co. D · Malone, Charles Co. H · Monk, Joseph C. Co. G · Pierpont, Walter Co. F · Storm, Max Co. E · Tonner, Terrence Co. E · Treadway, John F. Co. K
First Regiment Conn. Hvy. Art'ly.
Beers, W. Munson. Sergt. Co. F · Thomas Hyland. Corpl. Co. B · Samuel Shaw. Corpl. Co. B · Ackerly, James B. Co. L · Allen, Ellsworth Co. M · Athington, Edward Co. K · Blakesley, George L. Co. F · Bush, Malachi C. Co. E · Clark, Charles Co. E · Goodyear, Walstein Co. F · Kain, George W. Co. B · Lynch, Owen Co. G · Malley, Cornelius Co. E · McNeil, Edward Co. C · Minor, James Co. M · Schlafer, Jacob Co. F · Warner, Azariah E. Co. E
Second Regiment Conn. Hvy. Art'ly.
William J. Dixon. Corpl. Co. L · Henry A. Hubbell. Corpl. Co. L · Jefferson T. Lent Corpl. Co. F · Butler, Patrick Co. L · Gallagher, Peter Co. K · Griswold, Charles W. Co. F · Hanson, Charles D. Co. D · Keleher, Thomas Co. I · Loud, Simeon W. Co. A · Lynch, Patrick Co. H · Toole, John J. Co. E · Ure, John H. Co. C
Second Regiment Conn. Infantry.
Fritz, James Co. i

Fifth Regiment Conn. Infantry.
Edward Foster Blake. Major. · George S. Benton. Captain. · H. Melzar Dutton 1st. Leiut. · Robert C. Morrison. Sergt. Co. D · Alvin T. Barnes. Corpl. Co. D · Sherman D. Taylor Corpl. Co. D · Albert Warner. Corpl. Co. A · Adams, Joseph A. Co. C · Babre, Adolphus H. Co. D · Covert, John Co. D · Elliott, John Co. D · Hart, John Co. D · Button, William M. Co. C · Hoyt, Augustus W. Co. C · Mooney, Michael Co. C · Moore, Paul Co. C · Smalley, Elisha F. Co. E · Smith, Patrick Co. D · Strong, Thomas G. Co. D · Waldron, John Co. D · Williams, John Co. D
Sixth Regiment Conn. Infantry.
Lewis C. Allen. Captain. · Henry C. Gerrish. Captain. · William H. Johnson. 2nd. Lieut. · Woodbury H. Stalle. 2nd. Lieut. · Joseph Bahre. 1st. Sergt. Co. G · Nahum L. Hayward. Sergt. Co. F · William W. Perkins. Sergt. Co. K · George S. Barnes. Corpl. Co. F · Joseph C. Boudren. Corpl. Co. I · John F. Driscoll. Corpl. Co. F · Baltuber Cinder. Corpl. Co. C · William Gladstone. Corpl. Co. K · William Glissman. Corpl. Co. C · Charles Kirsten Corpl. Co. C · Joseph Necker Corpl. Co. C · Joseph A. Wooster Corpl. Co. k · Bayer, Martin Co. C · Bluel, Valentine Co. C · Boardman, Andrew J. Co. K · Brooks, Jabez C. Co. K · Butler, Jesse Co. F · Clark, John Co. D · Dorman, Horace Co. F · Dorsing, Charles Co. C · Eaton, William Co. F · Fritche, Gustave Co. C · Griffin, Charles Co. C · Haller, Martin Co. C · Hauserman, Michael Co. C · Hausman, Godfrey Co. C · Hesse, Augustus Co. C · Hill, Warren F. Co. F · Hine, James Co. K · Kitterer, George Co. h · McKensie, Patrick Co. F · McKinney, James Co. B · Olivies, Charles Unassigned · Phillips, Theodore Co. F · Sharf, Henry Co. I · Scholdach, Augustus Co. C · Stebbins, Charles E. Co. E · Stinel, Herman Co. C · Williams, John Co. F
Seventh Regiment Conn. Infy.
Edwin S. Hitchcock. Captain · John P. Corsa. Qr. Mr. Sergt. · George Edwards. 1st Sergt. Co. G · William S. English. 1st Sergt. Co. H · Henry E. Banning. Corpl. Co. G · John Botsford. Corpl Co. G · Seymour L. White. Musician Co. A · Beersford, Matthew Co. F · Bradley, George Co. B · Conway, James Co. F · Doolittle, Lorenzo S. Co. H · Dunham, Horace Co. G · Eaton, Frederick G. Co. I · Gerbig, John Co. F · Gore, Joshua R. Co. F · Kay, William H. Co. F · Kimball, Charles W. Co. F · Lego, John A. Co. C · Miller, Joseph Co. K · Moran, Thomas Co. E · Reynolds, John D. Co. E · Schopp, Peter Co. E · Sliney, David Co. F · Smith, Arthur Co. G · Spires, William Co. F
Eighth Regiment Conn. Infy.
Whiting, Wilcox. Sergt. Co. A · Peterson, Peter Co. F
Ninth Regiment Conn. Infy.
Henry Mckenna. 2nd Lieut. Co. C · Thomas Kennedy. 1st Sergt. Co. B · Newman Bruisee. Corpl. Co. H · Richard Burke. Corpl. Co. E · Charles Coote. Corpl. Co. A · Edward Keegan. Corpl. Co. C · Joseph Kennedy. Corpl. Co. A · Thomas McCormick. Corpl. Co. C · James McMahon. Corpl. Co. E · George D. Connor. Corpl. Co. C · James W. B. Robinson. Corpl. Co. A · Lewis St. V. Hallauer. Musician · Abbott, John Co. C · Barker, George Co. C · Barry, John T. Co. C · Birmingham, Garrett Co. A · Bohan, Paul Co. A · Boyle, Charles Co. A · Burgess, John R. Co. E · Bush, James Co. E · Carney, Ambrose Co. E · Clark, John Co. C · Clark, William Co. E · Colbert, Morris Co. A · Collins, John Co. A · Coyle, John Co. A · Culler, Patrick Co. A · Dillon, John Co. A · Doyle, Peter Co. C · Eagan, John Co. C · Ennis, Matthew Co. A · Foley, James Co. A · Gallagher, Matthew Co. E · Galligan, Philip Co. C · Gray, Patrick Co. H · Harrigan, Michael Co. B · Hartigan, John Co. E · Healey, Michael Co. B · Hughes, Arthur Co. C · Kain, Michael Co. A · Kearnes, Thomas Co. C · Keaveney, Michael Co. C · Kehoe, James Co. E · Kelleher, Roger Co. C · Lane, Patrick Co. A · Lauffin, Richard Co. C · Lunch, Thomas Co. A · Mahoney, Patrick Co. A · Marlow, John Co. C · Mccann, William J. Co. K · McGrath, Thomas Co. A · McLaughlin, Timothy Co. C · Minahan, Thomas Co. B · Montague, Charles Co. E · Mullen, Daniel Co. A · O'Berne, John Co. A · O'Burns, Michael Co. E · O'Connor, George Co. C · O'Neil, Mark Co. D · Reynolds, Patrick Co. A · Reynolds, Patrick Co. H · Rowley, John Co. C · Ryan, John Co. B · Smith, John 2nd Co. B · Smith, John 2nd Co. D · Smith, Martin Co. D · Stilson, David Co. K · Walch, John Co. A · Walsh, Patrick Co. E · Walsh, Robert Co. E · Woods, James Co. D · Woods, Patrick Co. B
Tenth Regiment Conn. Infantry.
Albert F. Sharp. 2nd Lieut. · Henry M. Stillman. 2nd Lieut. · William N. Graham. Corpl. Co. C · Francis Hoffmann. Corpl. Co. G · Bradley, William H. Co. A · Bushnell, Charles H. Co. A · Button, Charles C. Co. K · Cutts, Charles L. Co. A · Fitzsimmons, James Co. A · Holcomb, Milo J. Co. B · Howard, James Co. K · Hudson, William G. Co. · Johnson, George M. Co. · Lindsley, Benjamin M. Co. · Lonson, Lyman T. Co. A · Neal, James H. Co. A · Rooney, James S. Unassigned · Sears, Stephen H. Co. C · Seward, George H. Co. A · Smith, Frederick M. Co. K · Taylor, James B. Co. H
Eleventh Regiment Conn. Infy.
Frederick Schoenbien. 1st. Sergt. Co. C · Henry Dietzman. Corpl. Co. C · John Jackson. Corpl. Co. K · Charles Steinmetz. Corpl. Co. C · Dietz, Gustav A. Co. C · Dolan, Michael Co. I · Jackson, Thomas Co. K · Karcher, Ferdinand Co. G · Kleinline, Lorenz Co. C · Lewis, Francis J. Co. G · McDonald, John Co. K · Mordon, John B. Co. I · Perkins, William H. Co. B · Pierson, Martin Co. B · Smith, Henry Co. G · Straubel, Louis Co. G
Twelfth Regiment Conn. Infy.
Frank H. Peck. Lieut. Colonel. · John P. Lowell. Captain · Charles W. Cornwall. 1st. Lieut. · George M. Benton. 2nd Lieut. · Charles L. Collins. Sergt. Co. I · Thomas Gardner. Sergt. Co. C · Barnes, Harvey B. Co. G · Beckley, George W. Co. F · Bissell, Rufus M. Co. F · Burton, Jeremiah Co. C · Candee, William G. Co. C · Coyle, John Co. B

[ east plaque ]
1861 1865
Soldiers and Sailors of New Haven
Who Died in Defense of the Union.
Twelfth Regiment continued
Curtis, George W. Co. B · Duboise, Charles Co. B · Egert, Charles J. Co. I · Lester, John E. Co. H · Malcolm, James Co. B · McCarthy, Patrick Co. B · Porter, Benedict M. Co. B · Sinclair, Eugene Co. B · Standup, Joseph Unassigned · Steele, Charles E. Co. H · Sullivan, John P. Co. B · Thrall, Bradley, Co. C · Toole, Thomas Co. B · Travy, Thomas Co. B
Thirteenth Regiment Conn. Infy.
Joseph F. Clarke. 1st Lieut. · Louis Meisner. 1st Lieut. · John T. Wheeler. 2nd Lieut. · Samuel B. Dunn. 1st Sergt. Co. K · Charles N. Merwin. Musician Co. A · Bowen, Thomas L. Co. H · Carey, Patrick Co. F · Comstock, John C. Co. K · Dechomp, Peter Co. C · Dobson, Michael Co. H · Doolittle, Frank H. Co. K · Knapp, Charles E. Co. D · Morris, Charles Co. K · Phile, Benjamin Co. K · Ryan, William Co. K · Terrell, Payne S. Co. D · Tomlinson, Charles H. Co. B · Wickwire, Franklin L. Co. C
Fourteenth Regiment Conn. Infy.
Isaac R. Bronson. Captain · William A. Comes. 2nd Lieut. · William M. Canso. Sergt. Co. I · Joseph Janot. Sergt. Co. I · Henry K. Lyon. Corpl. Co. G · Berry, James Co. A · Blair, Robert Co. H · Blann, John Co. B · Brockett, Edwin Co. D · Brown, Charles Co. F · Brown, William C. Co. F · Browne, James M. Co. G · Burrows, Daniel L. Co. H · Conners, James P. Co. H · Daniel, John Co. I · Dorman, Orrin Co. E · Flint, Curtis W. Co. G · Gordon, John Co. G · Hurlburt, John J. Co. E · Jones, John Co. H · Lavenduskie, George Co. G · Maloney, Stephen Co. I · Schluter, Herman Co. H · Schroder, Hans Co. F · Scranton, Lewis W. Co. I · Starkey, Joseph P. Co. H
Fifteenth Regiment Conn. Infy.
Eli W. Osborn. Major · Henry B. Peck. Captain · Septimus S. Smith. Captain · William A. Bowns. Quartermaster · Edwin W. Bishop. 1st Lieut. · Elliott Reynolds. 1st Sergt. Co. B · Charles A. Benjamin. Sergt. Co. H · Joseph Kegelmeyer. Sergt. Co. G · Totheus Pettee. Sergt. Co. D · Mason Rogers. Sergt. Co. B · Charles T. Wade. Sergt. Co. B · Sidney M. Andrews. Corpl. Co. D · Charles A. Boyle. Corpl. Co. E · Matthew Bown. Corpl. Co. D · William H. Glassford. Corpl. Co. G · John O. Story. Corpl. Co. D · John H. Treadway. Corpl. Co. D · Jared L. Sperry. Musician Co. E · Allen, Charles S. Co. D · Baker, John Co. D · Barnard, Thomas G. Co. H · Barnes, Darius E. Co. I · Bellwood, Theodore Co. C · Boylan, Philip Co. H · Bonvard, Eugene Co. A · Bradley, Burton Co. I · Bracken, Timothy Co. C · Brown, Charles C. Co. A · Brown, George Co. I · Clark, William B. Co. C · Crandall, Dudley W. Co. B · Cullom, Michael Co. H · Curtiss, Henry L. Co. D · Deane, George Co. C · Devine, Patrick Co. D · Domingo, Antonio Co. B · Donegan, Patrick Co. G · Doonks, Phillipe Co. B · Dutton, Theodore Co. G · Dudley, Edward W. Co. I · Fields, John L. Co. C · Flynn, Richard Co. H · Goulding, John Co. E · Groth, John Co. D · Gunn, Newell S. Unassigned · Hanson, Frederick A. Co. I · Huntley, Albert Co. G · Jennings, Edward Co. C · Kearting, Thomas Co. D · Kelsey, Henry W. Co. I · Lestreinge, Michael Co. I · Lines, James B. Co. D · Maher, John Co. H · Miller, Christian Co. B · Mortimer, Alonzo Co. G · Muldoon, Thomas Co. C · Nelson, Jacob Co. I · Nichols, Thomas Co. D · O'connell, Jeremiah J. Co. H · Phillips, Francis Co. I · Reynolds, Garrett H. Co. C · Reynolds, John Co. C · Roberson, William H. Co. C · Smith, Cornelius R. Co. B · Smith, Edward Co. B · Spencer, Lewis F. Co. E · Sperry, Henry E. Co. C · Stedman, Stephen F. Co. B · Striby, Amos Co. C · Sturges, Joseph A. Co. C · Talmadge, John C. Co. D · Thompson, George W. Co. I · Tuttle, Bliss Co. C · Walker, James Co. I · Whaley, Adelbert H. Co. I
Sixteenth Regiment Conn. Infy.
Derby, Atwater Co. I
Twentieth Regiment Conn. Infy.
Edward A. Doolittle. 1st. Lieut. · Erastus R. Lee. 1st Sergt. Co. G · George Van Buskirk. Sergt. Co. E · Timothy F. J. Taft. Corpl. Co. F · Bishop, Walter P. Co. F · Clooney, William Co. g · Kelley, John Co. f · Murphy, Patrick Co. f · Perry, John d. Co. f · Roswell, philo Co. f · Welch, James Co. f · Twenty-Fourth Regiment Conn. Infy. · Philip Galligan. Corpl. Co. H · Patrick McCarthin. Corpl. Co. H · Carroll, Charles Co. H · Dunn, Edward Co. K · O'Donnell, John Co. H · Owens, Patrick Co. H
Twenty-Seventh Regiment Conn. Infy.
Henry C. Merwin. Lieut. Colonel · Jedediah Chapman. Captain · Bernard E. Schweizer. Captain · Addison C. Taylor. Captain · Thomas E. Barrett. 1st Sergt. Co. H · Richard H. Fowler. 1st Sergt. Co. A · Benjamin H. Cobb. Sergt. Co. D · Henry B. Hill. Sergt. Co. D · Frank E. Alling. Corpl. Co. H · Albert Cabanus. Corpl. Co. K · James G. Clinton. Corpl. Co. E · William A. Goodwin Jr. Corpl. Co. A · William G. Hill. Corpl. Co. I · George I. Judson. Corpl. Co. H · George H. Mimmack. Corpl. Co. H · William E. Wilson. Corpl. Co. D · Alling, Charles L. Co. H · Beecher, Nelson N. Co. G · Bernhardt, William F. Co. K · Brown, George Co. E · Castle, Andrew B. Co. E · Confrey, Michael Co. F · Eddy, Jairus C. Co. F · Fairchild, Augustus B. Co. A · Farr, Edward B. Co. F · Goodwill, William Co. D · Goodwin, John Co. D · Hazard, Edward C. Co. A · Higgins, Loren M. Co. D · Johnson, Frank A. Co. A · Judson, Marcus D. Co. D · Keller, Gilbert Co. D · McKilcullen, Thomas Co. D · Mitchell, John Co. D · Phile, William M. Co. I · Rawson, John Co. H · Reuter, William Co. D · Schlieder, Jacob Co. E · Smith, Hezekiah P. Co. H · Sperry, Garry B. Co. D · Stephens, Joseph Co. C · Thompson, Edward Co. E · Wilcote, Leroy Co. A · Yale, Thomas G. Co. D
Twenty-Ninth Regiment Conn. Infy.
Horace N. London. Sergt. Major · Henry H. Bunnell. Sergt. Co. A · William Steward. Musician Co. G · Beardsley, William Co. A · Bentley, Charles Co. A · Brown, John Co. H · Coconon, John B. Co. G · Freeman, John R. Co. F · Hawley, William F. Co. A · Henson, Samuel Co. H · Jefferson, Sylvester Co. A · Jeffreys, Marvel Co. A · Jones, John R. Co. H · Miles, John J. Co. A · Miller, Hutchinson Co. H · Mills, George Co. H · Montgomery, James H. Co. A · Quonn, James H. Co. I · Spriggs, James B. Co. A · Thompson, William Co. A · Walker, Francis H. Co. D · Warren, Henry Co. A
Thirty-First Regiment U.S.C.T.
Richard R. Woodruff. Captain · George H. Brown Sergt. Co. B · Tilghman S. Wood. Sergt. Co. C · Delaney, John Co. F · Hall, Nimrod Co. C · Harman, William D. Co. C · Parker, Levi Co. C · Plumber, Marcus H. Co. B · Roasting, Richard Co. B · Robinson, Samuel Co. K · Wheeler, John Co. C
——- U. S. Navy ——-
Francis H. Gregory. Rear Admiral U.S.N. · William A. Ingersoll. Paymaster U.S.N. · Willis F. Munroe. Act. Master U.S.N. · Theodore W. Twining. Act. Asst. Paymaster U.S.N. · Norman K. Atwater. Act'g. Ensign U.S.N. · Ralph G. Hotchkiss. Master's Mate U.S.N. · William H. Dade. Master's Mate U.S.N. · James Dixon. Landsman U.S.N. · Richard H. Gray. Landsman U.S.N.
—— Miscellaneous ——
Noah L. Farnham. Col. 1st N.Y.F.Z. · Theodore H. Rockwood. Major 19th U.S.C.T. · Theodore Winthrop. Major A.D.C. U.S.V. · Edward C. Lines. Capt. 2nd Kansas Cavalry. · William C. Johnson. Chaplain 17th Ky. Infy. · Albert Clapp. 1st Lieut. 3rd R.I. Arty. · Albert Funke. Sergt. Co. E. 14th U.S. Infy. · Antrim Ridgway Co. D. 13th U.S. Infy · Bishop, William E. Sergt. Co. E. 99th N.Y. Infy. · Collins, Peter. Co. A. 10th U.S. Infy. · Dolan, Peter. Co. A. 14th U.S. Infy. · Foley, John. Co. A. 14th U.S. Infy. · Gateley, Michael. Co. I. 6th U. S. Infy. · Johnson, David S. Co. I. 43rd N. Y. Infy. · Mix, Collins. Co. F. 14th R. I. H. A. · Morey, Harvey. Co. C. 3rd. U. S. Arty. · Murray, Thomas. Co. F. 14th U. S. Infy. · Ryan, Michael. Co. C. 39th N. Y. Infy. · Sherman, Clarence. Co. C. 2nd R. I. Cavly. · Tomlinson, William W. Co. A. 19th U. S. Infy. · Turner, George F. Co. C. 17th U. S. Infy. · Waddington, James H. Co. D. 14th R. I. H. A. · Wilson, Samuel H. Co. B. 14th R. I. H. A. · Young, William. Co. D. 19th Mass. Infy.

[ the frame of the east plaque depicts battles, numbered badges and flags. legible battle name: ]
Port Hudson · Vicksburg · Look-Out Mountain · Mine Run · Fort Fisher · Morton's Ford · Olustee · Plymouth · Wilderness · Bermuda Hundred · Spottsville · Bentonville · Five Forks · Fort Gregg · Morris Island · Fort Wagner · Drury's Bluff · Cold Harbor · Peach Tree Creek · Atlanta · Reams Station · Fort Harrison · Fisher's Hill · Resaca · Cedar Creek · Ashland · Appomattox · Richmond · Petersburg

[ the frame of the west plaque depicts battles, numbered badges and flags. legible battle names: ]
Pocotalico · Baton Rouge · Cedar Mountain · Fredericksburg · Kingston · Gettysburg · Winchester · Dallas · Bull Run · Antietam · Fort Donaldson · Hampton Roads · Newberne, N.C. · Fort Pulaski · James Island · Island No. 10 · New Orleans · Fair Oaks · Secessionville · Irish Bend · Grand Gulf · Chancellorsville
HM NumberHMN7U
Year Placed1887
Marker ConditionNo reports yet
Date Added Thursday, October 9th, 2014 at 9:12am PDT -07:00
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Locationbig map
UTM (WGS84 Datum)18T E 675347 N 4577203
Decimal Degrees41.32725000, -72.90471667
Degrees and Decimal MinutesN 41° 19.635', W 72° 54.283'
Degrees, Minutes and Seconds41° 19' 38.10" N, 72° 54' 16.98" W
Driving DirectionsGoogle Maps
Area Code(s)203
Closest Postal AddressAt or near 4242 English Dr, New Haven CT 06511, US
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