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Historic LandmarkSeventh Street BridgeDepartment of Public Works, Allegheny County, Engineers
The previous bridge carrying Opie/River Road over the South Branch of the Raritan River was originally built at this location in 1921 by Dover Boiler Works and was significant as a rare example of a rivet-connected Pratt truss bridge. The current …
400 yards south, this bridge was built over the East Fork of the Little Pigeon River in 1875 by Elbert Stephenson Early, an area resident who owned Newport Mills. The bridge had deteriorated and its loss was threatened until it was restored in 197…
The first cast iron bridge built in the United States, was built in 1836-1839 over Dunlap's Creek at this point.
canal walk One hundred and fifty years ago, Richmond's waterfront bustled with business and trade, workers and travelers, hotels, saloons, and tobacco warehouses. Along the canals, barges were towed by teams of horses and mules. Batteaux for ca…
This bridge marks the western limit of Morris Canal property acquired by the state under agreement, November 29th 1922. The canal was chartered December 31st 1824, and opened for business in 1831. Two miles west of this point, at the Delaware Rive…
On June 20, 1863, Bill Hickman started a ferry 9 miles up Snake River for thousands of gold hunters headed for mines that now are in Montana. Named for an eagle that had a nest on a rock there, his ferry flourished until James Madison Taylor re…
—Lincoln Highway— The Nation First Coast-to-Coast Auto Road Once called the Main Street Across America, it all began on September 10, 1912, when a group of industrialists led by Carl Fisher of Indianapolis Motor Speedway fame, envisi…
Built in 1917-18, this entrance to Davis is among the oldest surviving examples of I-beam construction on a railroad grade separation. The underpass was part of the Lincoln Highway. The bicycle bore was added in 1978. Listed in the National Regist…
Honoring Liberty Corporation founderW. Frank Hipp and his childrenFrancis M. Hipp, Herman N. Hipp,B. Calhoun Hipp and Dorothy Hipp Gunterfor their commitment and countributionsto the Greenville community.
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