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From whom McKeesport derives its name, first permanent white settler at the forks of the Monongahela and Youghiogheny Rivers in 1755. The Colonial Government granted to him exclusive right of ferrage over these rivers April 3, 1769, called"McKee's…
Here repose the remains of James Johnston (1738-1808) - - editor of Georgia's first newspaper. A native of Scotland, Johnston settled at Savannah in 1761. "Recommended as a person regularly bred and well skilled in the Art and mystery of Print…
Mother town of Saratoga CountyFirst European settlers 1688Established March 7, 1788Surrender site of Gen. Burgoyneto Gen. Gates Oct. 17, 1777 Revolutionary War Turning Point
A noted Baptist minister serving area congregations, Corbley was among some 150 men arrested by federal troops on the "Dreadful Night" of November 13, 1794. A vocal opponent of the excise tax on whiskey, he was the area's best known participant in…
Oldest church in Philadelphia. Founded, 1677, by Swedish settlers. This edifice of Swedish architectural design, was erected 1698-1703. The earlier place of worship was a blockhouse.
Old gunshop, built in 1719, is located about one mile northeast. Here, before 1745 the earliest known Pennsylvania Rifle, misnamed Kentucky Rifle, was made. building is marked with a tablet.
Directly across the Squamscott river stands the storehouse for the towns powder used during the American Revolution and the War of 1812. Powder captured from the British at New Castle was stored here and later used at the Battle of Bunker Hill.
The "Settlement at Turner's Creek" was developed by Donaldson Yeats before the Revolutionary War. It was a hub for trade. At its peak, there was a shipyard, a tannery, a granary and a dock for shipping and receiving products. The Sassafras River p…
Ten times Governor of Rhode IslandChief Justice of the Superior CourtChancellor of Brown UniversityMember of the Colonial CongressSigner of the Declaration of IndependenceLived in this house 1743-1785Washington was here a guest April 6, 1776This b…
William ChesebroughThe first white settler of Stonington. Born in England, 1594. Migrated to America in John Winthrops company, which planted Boston in 1630. After spending a few years in Rehoboth Mass. He, with his wife and four sons in 1649 fixe…
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