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During the Civil War, thousands of slaves escaped to U.S. Army lines, and more than thirty African Americans from Edgecombe County enlisted in the 35th, 36th, and 37th U.S. Colored Troops, 14th U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery, and U.S. Navy. After th…
In Memory of the RegicideCol Edward WhalleySon of Richard Whalley Esq a member of Parliament in the last days of Queen Elizabeth and first cousin of Oliver Cromwell. A stalwart Puritan he rose to high command in the Civil Wars. He was the fourth s…
The RegicidesWhalley andGoffeWere Hidden In A HouseLocated on This SitePresented byThe Class of '37Milford High School
The Confederate cavalry brigade of Gen. BradleyT. Johnson bivouacked in the fields to your lefton August 7, 1864. Willow Wall (built ca. 1830), visible to your left down the road, was Johnson's headquarters. Johnson's brigade and that of Gen. John…
Built in 1474 by Hugh O'Donnell. Destroyed in 1595 by Red Hugh O'Donnell to prevent seizure by the British. Rebuilt circa 1614 by Sir Basil Brook. [Top view drawing showing evolution of the castle in] 15th century, 17th century, Modern
Brief History of Longford Longford is a focal point of the northern midlands where the provinces of Leinster, Ulster and Connaught all converge. Longford, where history and literature, tradegy and triumph are all woven together, takes its name fr…
Diarmuld MacCarroll, High King of Tara, is said to have granted the dun of Cenannus to St Columcille in the 6th century for the purpose of establishing a monastery. This may explain why in 804 the Columban community on the island of Iona (Hebrides…
Colonel in English Civil WarGallant Naval OfficerRetired to BarbadosCounty Named for Him
Castle Balfour, built for Sir James Balfour of Glenawley by about 1620, was one of many castles designed to secure the plantation in Ulster during the 17th century. It is of the Scottish-style strong house type, identifiable by such characteristic…
Erected by the People ofCulmullen and Districtto the memory of the Men and Womenof Wexford and Meathwho died for their Countryand lie buried in the surrounding area There were two periods of intenseRising activity around Culmullen in 1798 Th…
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