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This monument was erected on the 22 Oct 1829 to transmit positively a grateful remembrance of the patriotism & gallantry of Lieuit Colonel Christopher Greene who with 400 men defeated the Hessian army of 2000 troops then in the British Service at …
PotawatomiA Trail of DeathSandusky Point EncampmentSeptember 17 - 20, 1838This marker dedicated September 21, 1993by descendants of the Patawatomi who were forcibly removed from Indiana and marched to Kansas in 1838.
Abraham Lincolntraveled this way as he rode the Circuit of the Eighth Judicial District ???1847 - 1857
Tablet #1:Connecticut Troops—————Roger Fox, William Cheeney, Asahel Lyon, Matthew Cummings, Samuel Ashbo, Gershom Smith, Benjamin Ross, Daniel Memory, Wilson RowlandsonSoldiers Unassigned————&m…
In memory of Henry SadorusFirst White Settlerin Champaign CountyMarch 7, 1824
On 27 April 1781, Brig. Gen. Benedict Arnold led the British army's 76th and 80th Regiments, the Queen's Rangers, and some other units in an assault at Osborne's in Chesterfield County. The Americans posted a number of Virginia Navy ships near her…
Top Section Clifton H. Moore, DeWitt County's first resident attorney, built this stately brick home in 1857-58 on an eighty-acre tract of land purchased from Judge David Davis. The original house suffered damage from a windstorm and now lacks th…
This birthplace of the San Diego UnionOctober 10, 1868Oldest daily in Southern California,is declared to be aHISTORIC SITE IN JOURNALISMby San Diego Professional ChapterSIGMA DELTA CHI
"My brother saw Booth as he came down the alley and turned into F Street." Henry Davis, 1901. Twelve-year-old Henry Davis and his brother often looked out the back window of their Ninth Street home before they went to bed. They were fascinated …
Born in Richland Center, Ada James was an important suffrage leader, campaigning throughout Wisconsin in support of women's right to vote. In 1919, James mobilized her father, a state legislator, to deliver Wisconsin's ratification papers to Washi…
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