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HISTORYWhen Spanish governors ruled the California territory, its capitol was moved from town to town between San Diego and Monterey. San Jose had already been designated the capitol by the time California was granted statehood in 1850. In the …
"To understand the West, you have to get over the color green; you have to quit associating beauty with gardens and lawns?" Wallace Stegner. What was drinking up 80% of the water used in this park? Lawns. *Planting lawns encourages non-nativ…
The Sweet Water Spring was discovered in the late 1880s when the Patterson Lumber Company, blasting to create a logging road over South Mountain, ruptured an underground vein that produced an abundance of free-flowing water. Work crews enjoyed the…
The Desert Inn was founded as a trading post in the late 1880s. The present building dates before 1925 and served as a supply and recreational center for cattle drovers, lumber men and tourists during the era when much of Osceola County was still …
From 1915 to 1949 the Heber Ranger Station Stood at this site.The year is 1910 and you decide you'd like to be a Forest Service Ranger. To pass the test you'll need to know the local country, be able to take care of yourself and your horses, stand…
French botanist. First visit to North Carolina to study flora was June, 1787, when he traversed the Highlands Plateau.
With the completion of Cool Spring Reservoir in 1877, an adjoining parcel of unused land was reserved for park purposes. Formally designated as Cool Spring Park, the grounds were managed by the Wilmington Water Department until 1967, when the City…
Dedicated to David PuffFounder and first presidentof theTopeka Area Water Garden SocietyDavid helped establish and maintainthis water garden
This rose garden is dedicated to the memory and honor of all veterans. Through the generosity of the local districts of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Tipton County Veterans Council, the Junior League Garden Club, the Memphis Rose Society, the …
This Avenue of Trees, sponsored by Clemmer-McGuffin Post 13, American Legion and Auxiliary, was given in loving memory by the people of Staunton and Augusta County in memoriam 1917-1918.
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