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In honor ofCol. Ruby G. BradleyU.S. Army Nurse Corps, 30 years.W.W. II, 1941-1945. Prisoner of war 37 months in the Asiatic Pacific Campaign in the Philippine Islands.Korean War, 1950-1953.Chief Nurse of the emergency hospitals in Tague, Seoul and…
U.S. Air Force commissioned observation tower August 16, 1952 for Operation Skywatch, part of Civilian Ground Observation Corps during Korean War. Constructed by community volunteers. Approximately ninety people alternated shifts to maintain twent…
In Honor of All Danville Junior College and Danville Area Community College Alumni who served their Country in the Korean War. Dedicated May 27, 2002 ReDedicated July 27, 2012
Two memorial panels have been placed in front of the Veteran's Memorial Hall in Portola Daniel Herrmann · Lee Johnson · Palmer Johnson · Fred R. Kabkee · O. Jean Kampschmidt · Kelly E. Kimes · Howard Ki…
Front Cpl. Charles G. AbrellU.S.M.C.Medal of HonorJune 10, 1951Korea Both SidesKorea Back Joseph A. Bray Det. 471Marine Corps League
All Wars Memorialin honor ofVeterans of all Warswho served and gave theirlives in an effort toprotect our country andto preserve out freedomjustice and democracy.Dedicated astheWilliam K. PhillisWar MemorialWorld War IIKorean WarMissing in Action
Dedicated to the memory of the brave men from Shelby County who gave their lives that freedom and justice should not perish from the earth World War I 1917-1918 List of WWI dead World War II 1941-1945 List of WWII dead Korean War 1950-1953 List…
To the men and womenof Atchison County whooffered, and those whogave their lives in thecause of peace.[Roll of Honored Dead] [War Memorial Building Cornerstone]To the boys of Atchison Countywho gave, and offered their lives.[Built 1921]
Our Newington VeteransForever LovedForever MournedPresented by the Kiwanis ClubOf Newington and Caring CommunityCitizens1986 World War IHoward G. Davis · Frank A. Stotzer · Clifford E. MayWorld War IIRussell Ahlgren · Merrill…
MEMORIAL BUILDINGErected and Dedicated1945 Clay County Post No. 2American Legion Honor Roll CommitteeDavid W. Henry, ChairmanLeo J. Murphy, Leo E. Dubois,Victor P. George, Claude Reese,Albert R. Morgan
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