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Marion 8200-5 Walking Dragline"Midway Princess"Total Working Weight · 6,800,000 PoundsBoom Length · 275 FeetBoom Angle · 35 [degrees]Maximum Digging Depth · 125 FeetOperation Radius · 251 FeetBucket Capacity &mid…
Beal Leice, meaning 'the mouth of the flagstone', lies in the most westerly point of Northern Ireland, hidden in the Erne valley between the Sligo mountains and the Atlantic. The village, which was first laid out during the Plantation of Ulster ab…
This stone arch stood from 1878-1924 as the entry to Central School, 600 Leavenworth. At the suggestion of Judge Sam Kimble, Contractor Mont J. Green, Sr. contributed the arch as a memorial to Amanda Arnold, an early teacher who came on the steamb…
Im Volksmund sp?ter auch Murre genannt.Als Scherren bezeichnete man im MittelalterVerkaufsst?nde an denen frische Lebensmittel gehandelt wurden.Dies waren vorwiegend Fleisch und Brot.Daher werden sie in der Chronik auch als Fleisch und Brotb?nke b…
Stages of ConstructionThe earth walls were built over a period of approximately three hundred years and used for a couple of hundred years beyond that. American Indians used the shoulder bones of deer and elk, split elk antler, clam shell hoes, an…
City ofSan AngeloTexasHistoricLandmark———————Historic Orient-Santa Fe Freight DepotSan Angelo, Texas1995Remember these for their vision anddiligence to preserving our past:[Names not transcribed]
This was the first fire bell used in West Mineral, Kansas in the early 1900's. Donated by City of West Mineral
In 1872, John Edwards Jr. became the sole owner of the Edwards and Clinton sawmill in Port Edwards, plus several other business ventures that included a general store, post office, boarding house, farming interests and land speculations. In order …
This propertyhas been placed on theNational Registerof Historic Placesby the United StatesDepartment of the Interior
As publisher of the New York World newspaper, this Hungarian immigrant conducted the editorial crusade that popularized the American Pedestal Fund Campaign. His last will and testament established the Pulitzer prizes for achievement in journalism,…
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