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This spring was truly a magnificent one...wonderfully placed, with the mountains rising steeply up beside it, contrasting with the Great and Little Meadow lands on either side.George B. Dorr, 1942 Like others before him, George B. Dorr, the fou…
This park and the surrounding area are rich in early Kansas history. The Fremont Trail passed to the north and was used by the Kaw-Santa Fe Freight Company which was also the route for the first overland stages to California until they were forced…
Stages of ConstructionThe earth walls were built over a period of approximately three hundred years and used for a couple of hundred years beyond that. American Indians used the shoulder bones of deer and elk, split elk antler, clam shell hoes, an…
In the past, the shallow and stagnant Mill Pond was not a good place for marine life. In 1996-97, the City of Norwalk undertook a $500,000 project to improve the aquatic habitat. Funds for the work came from the Connecticut Department of Environme…
In 1787 this field was a grassy meadow dotted with tall hardwoods, native grasses and cane. Today, the land is being restored to its appearance at the time of the battle.
The top of themountain across the riveris 909 feet above theHudson River.One story aboutthe mountain's name saysthe "nose" was arocky-ledge blasted awayin 1846.
This marker stands within a geologic feature known as the Big Basin, which is a sinkhole or "sink" about a mile in diameter and more than a hundred feet deep. Although it has the appearance of a valley, it is entirely surrounded by higher ground. …
The region unique geology created ?woodland islands? for planes and animals, and played a key role in the routing of the Transcontinental Railroad Pine Bluffs The area distinctive Pine Bluffs are the result of early geologic activity followed by m…
Different Life Zones Exist in the MountainsImagine climbing the mountain in front of you. You might notice it gets cooler as you ascend. As the temperature drops, moisture in the air condenses, precipitation increases, and creates different life z…
of the Glacial AgeDonated for Bicentennial Year1976 byMr. and Mrs. William P. McNameefrom their farm located inthe SE 1/4 of Sec. 8 Twp. 10 R-22-ELeavenworth CountyKansas
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