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Erected toSpanish War Veterans1898 - 1902 Dedicated tothose who rendered serviceSinking of the MaineSan Juan HillSantiagoPorto RicoSantiago BayManila BayPhillipine InsurrectionEl CaneyChinese Boxer Rebellionand all others who served1898 1902
"...knowledge is in every country the surest basis of public happiness, in one in which the measures of government receive their impression so immediately from the sense of the community as is ours it is proportionably essential..."First Annual Ad…
(Side A)Born April 1757 in Stratford, CT, Abner Barlow moved to NH in 1772. At 20, Barlow enlisted as private in the NH Rangers, serving in Maj. Whitcomb's Independent Corps at the Battle of Bennington and the surrender of Burgoyne, Saratoga, NY. …
In memory ofUnited StatesMerchant Marine VeteransofForeign Wars
In honor of those who servedin the Armed Forces of theUnited States of America In Memory ofAll American VeteransThis memorial honors all American veterans who, although separate by generations, shared a common, undeniable goal — to valian…
Ten times Governor of Rhode IslandChief Justice of the Superior CourtChancellor of Brown UniversityMember of the Colonial CongressSigner of the Declaration of IndependenceLived in this house 1743-1785Washington was here a guest April 6, 1776This b…
Home of Asa Waterman-Revolutionary War officer.He captured Tories andfought at Bemis Heights.Family farm for generations.
Colonel 9th CavalryBrevet Major General, U.S.A.Born in Bangor, Me.Dec. 22, 1832Died at Fort Robinson, Neb.April 11, 1889 [Battles]Brill's Point · Charleston · SykestonNew Madrid · Point Pleasant · Island No. 10Tipton…
Since construction commenced in 1861, the entrance to the Kennebec River has been guarded by Fort Popham, a Civil War era fort that was built to protect the shipbuilding interests in the upriver City of Bath, as well as the state capital in August…
Erected in honor of the soldiers who served with Company "C" 137th Infantry, World War II Mobilized December 23, 1940 in Council Grove with men from Morris and adjacent counties. Soon expanded to include men from throughout Kansas and every sta…
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