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From whom McKeesport derives its name, first permanent white settler at the forks of the Monongahela and Youghiogheny Rivers in 1755. The Colonial Government granted to him exclusive right of ferrage over these rivers April 3, 1769, called"McKee's…
PotawatomiA Trail of DeathSandusky Point EncampmentSeptember 17 - 20, 1838This marker dedicated September 21, 1993by descendants of the Patawatomi who were forcibly removed from Indiana and marched to Kansas in 1838.
Abraham Lincolntraveled this way as he rode the Circuit of the Eighth Judicial District ???1847 - 1857
In 1886, the Statue of Liberty standing on her pedestal, stood taller than any other structure in New York City. At 305 feet, 1 inch (92.99 meters), it exceeded even the Brooklyn Bridge, which had been completed three years earlier. However, the S…
The Founding of WorthingtonThe Scioto Company, led by James Kilbourn (Kilbourne) of Granby and Berlin, Connecticut, founded Worthington in 1803, the year that Ohio became a state. The Scioto Company was organized as a land company in 1802 with 38 …
Used by Sir Wm Johnson 1742-1774 between Fort Johnson andJohnson Hall. A Bi-Centennialin 1938 celebrated hisarrival in America.
In memory of Henry SadorusFirst White Settlerin Champaign CountyMarch 7, 1824
The second brick building erected in Ybor City.The Cherokee Club was a popular rendezvous forthe elite in the 1890's. Later became known as El Pasaje Restaurant. Its fame spread throughoutthe Americas.Jose Marti slept here on his first trip, Nov.2…
Here Peter Goodhue operated am emigrant trail stopping place on the banks of the Tule River from 1854 to until the river changed its course in 1862. This became a Butterfield Overland Mail Stage Station, 1858-61. It was kept in 1860 by R. Porter P…
Stages of ConstructionThe earth walls were built over a period of approximately three hundred years and used for a couple of hundred years beyond that. American Indians used the shoulder bones of deer and elk, split elk antler, clam shell hoes, an…
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