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Beginning on May 26, 1838, soldiers began rounding up Cherokee women, men, and children. They showed little concern or respect for families or their property. In the first days, confusion abounded as soldiers and militiamen gathered individuals wh…
"My brother saw Booth as he came down the alley and turned into F Street." Henry Davis, 1901. Twelve-year-old Henry Davis and his brother often looked out the back window of their Ninth Street home before they went to bed. They were fascinated …
Member Continental Congress, United States Senator, 1789-1795, U.S. Indian Agent to the Creek Nation, 1796-1816. Home was 5½ mi. S.W.
Colonel in Revolution. Member of Continental Congress, 1778-1781; of Provincial Congresses; and of state legislature. Grave 125 yds. S.E.
Here Patrick Henry first kindled the flames of revolution by his resolutions and speech against the Stamp Act May 29-30, 1765. Here, March 12, 1773, Dabney Carr offered and the convention of Virginia unanimously adopted the resolutions to appoi…
In the 1800's it was the custom in presidential campaigns to raise a pole to honor the candidate. When President U.S. Grant campaigned for a second term in 1872, the Akron Grant for President Club, raised their first oak pole, which was replaced i…
James Buchanan, a Representative and a Senator from Pennsylvania and the 15th President of the United States; born at Cove Gap, near Mercersburg, Franklin County, Pa., April 23, 1791; moved to Mercersburg, Pa. with his parents in 1796; was private…
This residence was constructed by William Henry Harrison Ross. He was born in Laurel in 1814 and died in 1887. He served as Governor of Delaware (D) between 1851-1855. In 1859, Ross constructed this elaborate brick Italian Villa style structure fe…
Abraham Lincolndied in this houseApril 15, 1865 at 7:22 a.m.Purchased bythe United Statesin 1896.
President of the United States in Congress Assembled, 1781-2, died November 15, 1783 at "Oxon Hill" 1½ miles west of here. The original mansion house, built by the Addison family, was burned February 6, 1895.
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