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(Side One)Historic National RoadThe Road That Built The Nation Pike TownsThe National Road—along which you now stand—arrived here in Centerville in 1832. Centerville was an early "pike town". Regularly spaced about a day's journey a…
This trail witnessed the passing of Spanish soldiers, Franciscan missionaries and American soldiers of two centuries. It is perhaps the oldest travel corridor in San Francisco. In 1776 this path connected the Spanish Presidio with the mission, …
Used by Sir Wm Johnson 1742-1774 between Fort Johnson andJohnson Hall. A Bi-Centennialin 1938 celebrated hisarrival in America.
Here US-56 lies directly on the route of the Oregon-California and Santa Fe trails. Nearby, the trails branched. On a rough sign pointing northwest were the words, "Road to Oregon." Another marker directed travelers southwest along the road to San…
American motoring pioneer & founder of the Buick motor company of America.David Dunbar Buick was born at No. 26 Green Street, Arbroath, which lay approx 90 metres north of this, the only remaining building to show the line of the original street.
Extending from Michigan City to the Ohio River at Madison. Begun by the state in 1832 with funds obtained from sale of land granted by the Potawatomi Indians. Opened northern part of state to settlers.
You are standing on Washington's historic Black Broadway-the heart of African American life in Washington, D.C. from about 1900 to the 1950s. Duke Ellington, its most famous native son, grew up, was inspired, trained, and played his first music he…
This site was donated to the Benton County Historical Society by Scarlett Biggs Wilson and Lara Wilson Rosenblum in honor of their parents/grandparents, Guy and Nell Biggs, early pioneers of the Cross Hollows area. Cross Hollows is recognized for …
The first cast iron bridge built in the United States, was built in 1836-1839 over Dunlap's Creek at this point.
The first causeway and bridge herewere built under terms of an actpassed April 21, 1753.Col. Henry Hampton of State Troopsof S.C. seized the bridge July14, 1781, and established a post here to check Lord Rawdon on hisretreat from Orangeburgh. Seve…
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