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Erected toSpanish War Veterans1898 - 1902 Dedicated tothose who rendered serviceSinking of the MaineSan Juan HillSantiagoPorto RicoSantiago BayManila BayPhillipine InsurrectionEl CaneyChinese Boxer Rebellionand all others who served1898 1902
[South Face (front)]:To thoseGeorgians whovolunteered andserved theircountry in theSpanish AmericanWar[North Face (back)]:Spanish * War * Veterans1898 - 1902Philippine Islands, Cuba, Porto Rico, U.S.A.[West Face, added in 1946]:A Tribute to thatSo…
In memory of our comrades who encamped on this site prior to the campaign in Cuba during the War with Spain 1898-1899.
In MemoriamUnited Spanish War Veterans1898 - 1902
This Civil War cannon was captured from Confederate forces by Wisconsin troops on Island Number 10 near Vicksburg. Brought to Sparta by Mr. W. H. Farnham in 1867.
[ upper plaque ] Philippine IslandsCubaPorto RicoU.S.A. Spanish War Veterans1898 - 1902[ lower plaque ] To Perpetuate the memory of the Citizensof Bristol Who served in the War withSpain, Philippine Insurrection andChina Relief Expedition1898 …
Cuban patriots used this corner for street meetings in 1895. Among the speakers was Orestes Ferrara young Italian revolutionary in his Garibaldi red shirt. Ferrara stirred the Cuban exiles to fighting frenzy against Spanish oppression. The youn…
In 1786, when this piece was cast, it was common to give names to guns. Theodorico ("Little Theodore") served as part of the defenses of Santiago de Cuba. Though it had been rifled to improve its range and accuracy, Theodorico was obsolete by 1898…
Birthplace, ancestral home ofRichard Pearson Hobson1870-1937Spanish - American War HeroAdmiral Hobson, as naval officer,Statesman, lecturer and author,Urged national preparedness:Championed human welfare causes.Alabama made this home a state shrin…
Thomas C. LevalleyU.S.S.S. YankeeThomas H. FitzgeraldSamuel J. WaltonCo. C 71st N.Y. Vols.Charles W. VailCo. E 6th U.S. Art.Louis IseneggerCorp. Co. C 3rd U.S. Cav. "Made way for Liberty and died"
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