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This Boulder marks the northern terminus of the Texas Cattle Trail over which in 1867-1871 journeyed herds numbering more than three million head and it is dedicated to the Pioneers of Abilene in recognition of their achievements.
Seelye HouseBuilt 1905Abilene Register ofHistoric PlacesAbilene Heritage Commission This property has beenplaced on theNational Registerof Historic Placesby the United StatesDepartment of the Interior Heritage Home1905Association
This property is listed in theNational Registerof Historic Placesby the United StatesDepartment of the Interior
From its earliest platting to the most recent times, building on North Buckeye Street has been a reflective barometer of the attitudes and economy of Abilene. Though the original town and business district were due south of the Union Pacific track…
The Abilene community would have taken a much different shape had it not been for the influence of C. L. Brown. Known as an industrialist, utilities magnate, financier, philanthropist, and organizing genius, Brown was responsible for the formation…
Site ofAbilene High School1906 - 1918 Abilene Junior High School1919 - 1954 Attended byDwight D. Eisenhower1906 - 1909
This propertyhas been placed on theNational Registerof Historic Placesby the United StatesDepartment of the Interior Heritage Home1885Association
Of Cattle Trade Days extending West from Cedar Street to the Mud Creek Ford. Both sides were lined with Saloons, Gambling Houses, Dance Halls and a few Stores, including Karotowski's General Store and The Pioneer Store One Block West. This Inte…
At the end of the Civil War when millions of longhorns were left on the plains of Texas without a market, the Union Pacific was building west across Kansas. Joseph McCoy, an Illinois stockman, believed these cattle could be herded north for shipme…
General of the ArmyRank awarded December 20, 1944"I cannot let this day passwithout telling the fightingmen???that my fondest boastshall always be: I was theirfellow-soldier."Address to the American SoldierFebruary 7, 1948———&mda…