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The city of Albany is home to six National Historic Landmarks and more than 4,000 properties listed on the New York State and National Register of Historic Places. In 2015, Albany was designated a Preserve America Community by President Obama …
On the North-east Corner of Broadway then Court Street, and Hudson, then Spanish Street, stood the second City Hall, erected 1705, in which the famous Congress of 1754 "met and prepared a Union of the Several Colonies for Mutual Defense an…
The Declaration of Independence Was first publicly read in Albany by order of the Committee of Safety July 19, 1776 in front of this City Hall, then on this site. This memorial of the event was placed here by the citizens July4, 1876
Explorer, here ended the voyage of the Half Moon in quest of the Indies September, 1609
The grand building before you is home to the headquarters of The State University of New York (SUNY). Founded in 1948, SUNY is the largest comprehensive system of public higher education in the United States. Among the system's 64 schools ther…
On 2 January 1839 The Albany Medical College reopened and occupied the Lancaster School designed by Philip Hooker in 1816
Chartered March 4, 1813 Held its first classes in a frame building which formerly stood upon this site This tablet erected June 3, 1938 during the Celebration of the 125th Anniversary of the founding of the school
This section of State Street is arguably the oldest continuously operating commercial avenue in the United States. What began as a path in the woods cut by Native peoples and Dutch beaver trappers and traders became the main east-west route for…
On this site once stood the first Poor House in the United States. Community care for the poor was an important feature of Dutch society, and it took root here in Albany as the city was settled in the first half of the 1600s. Constructed be…
Named in memory of Hon. John Swinburne, M.D., Mayor of Albany 1882-84. One of four surgeon's to found Albany Medical College. Member of Congress.