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Time: The Second World War, 1942 During the "dark days" of 1940, after the German conquest of France and prior to the U.S. involvement in World War II, England stood alone against the threat of Nazi world domination. An island nation, England w…
Surveyor of the Adirondack wilderness and state lands from 1872 to 1900.Champion of the N.Y. Forest Preserve
For nearly a century, canal boats were pulled by mules and horse over this portion of New York State's famed Erie Canal. One of the slowest and most crowded parts of the waterway started to the north of the Flatts at Maplewood. Here Began the T…
From This Ground Glenn Curtiss Began The First Long Distance Airplane Flight Albany To New York May 29, 1910.
Joseph HenryPathfinder in ScienceBorn in Albany1797Died in Washington1878[Left Panel]:I arranged around one of the upper rooms in the Albany Academy a wire of more than a mile in length throvgh which I was enabled to make signals by sounding a bel…
By his faith in God and man he built our nationErected in 1932 by the New York State Commission for the celebration of the two hundredth anniversary of the birth ofGeorge WashingtonHon. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Governor Hon. Herbert H. Lehman, Lieut…
New York State Office Building Cornerstone Laid By Gov. Alfred E. Smith, 1928.
Tablet commemorating theTwo Hundredth Anniversaryof AlbanyAs a chartered citySettled about 1624:Charter Granted by Gov. Dongan:July 22 1606:State Legislature Held Here Permanently Since 1797:Early Names Of The City:Fort Orange: Beverwyck: Wilemsta…
In Honor of the 200th Anniversary of the1797 ? ? ? ? ? City of Albany ? ? ? ? ? 1997Serving as the Capital City of the State of New YorkFor twenty years, after the establishment of the State of new York in 1777, the State Legislature moved annuall…
Martin Van Buren1782 - 1862resided at 92 State Streeton this sitewhile serving as 9th Governor ofthe State of New York 1828 - 1829He is famed for his distinguished career as boy-lawyer, surrogate, judge, state senator, Attorney General, United Sta…