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Facing The RiverOn an Eminence in This Broad StreetOpposite St Peters Church StoodFort Frederick.Built About 1676, Removed 1789Gallows Hill to the SouthFort Burial Ground to the North.
In the Middle of this StreetTo the East Stood Fort FrederickGoal of Burgoyne's Drive to Split the Colonies - 1777
Fort Frederick Governor Edmund Andros Made an Inspection in Albany in 1676 and Found Fort Orange, Located Near the Foot of Madison Avenue in Poor Condition. He Ordered a New Fort Constructed at a Site in the Center of State Street Just West of Lod…
"The face had an expression of absolute content, of relief, at throwing off a burden such as few men have been called upon to bear —- a burden which few men could have borne." - Recollections of New York Secretary of State Chauncey M. Depew.…
"I hold myself without mock modesty, the humblest of all individuals that have ever been elevated to the Presidency....You have generously tendered me the united support of the great Empire State." - Abraham Lincoln speaking to the New York Legisl…
The Erie Canal.This site marks the eastend of the canal, opened in 1825. It carried productsand people between theHudson River and Lake Erie Albany Basin.For nearly 100 years boatsentered the Erie Canal atnearby Lock 1, bringingwork, tradition …
The original Quackenbush pumping sta.engines pumped water fromHudson River to reservoirs untilDec. 1932. In Charge of Construction:I.C. Chesbrough. Engineer; J.H. Mars,Engineer For Pump Engine Constr.1874Designated as an Albany Historic Site by Co…