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The Thomas Henry Simpson Memorial Institute for Medical Research combined medical research and patient care activities, provided research experience for medical and postgraduate students, direct care to its patients on the third floor, and consult…
University of Michigan Graduate, Naturalist & Gardener Hoyt Garrod Post loved to walk the banks of the Huron River. A graduate of the University of Michigan Law School in 1907, Hoyt spent many enjoyable hours hiking this area, canoeing and nurtur…
William Q. Parker and his new bride, Mary, came to Washtenaw County in 1861 from England. After two years in Lodi Township, Mary purchased 61 acres between Geddes Road and the Huron River. Here, in 1873, on the ruins of the old Fleming sawmill, Wi…
Can you imagine your whole family living in this cabin? The simple interior of this one room log cabin included a ladder to a loft area and a small coal stove. William Parker built the cabin in 1878 for relatives who planned to emigrate from Engla…
Originally located on the north side of Geddes Road, this cabin was built in 1878 to house a visiting relative from England, but later used for storage and to house farm help.
What is Hydropower? Hydropower uses the energy of falling water to do work, either to move machinery or generate electricity. Originally, a metal turbine underneath the gristmill harnessed the power of Fleming Creek. Water from the old millpond f…
This mill — the type designed by American inventor Oliver Evans — represents a milestone in the automation of American industry. The machinery inside automatically ground, sifted, and bagged grain, carrying it through a system of chute…
Originally built by William's son, Fred J. Parker, to produce cider and vinegar. After the cider press was sold, the building was used for storage and to house a grain cleaner.
A two stone grist mill was built by William Q. Parker for purpose of grinding feed and corn meal. Operated as a commercial flour mill from 1910-1956, it was restored in 1984.
Starting a New Life William Q. Parker and his bride Mary came from England in 1861 to begin a new life. They purchased land in Washtenaw County and by 1872 were well-established farmers. Here, on the ruins of the old Fleming sawmill, William buil…