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In this village, General Lee and his Army of Northern Virginia surrendered to General Grant and the Army of the Potomac. The terms of their "gentlemen's peace" inspired a new unity and a new purpose for our Nation. The village of Appo…
Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee's Army of Norther Virginia began the retreat west from Richmond and Petersburg on April 3, 1865, with about 250 cannon. Two days later, at Amelia Court House, about a hundred of the least effective pieces were culled…
One of the last battles of the Civil War in Virginia took place here early in the evening of April 8, 1865. Confederate Gen. Reuben L. Walker, who commanded 100 guns of Gen. Robert E. Lee's reserve artillery, made camp here late in the afternoon. …
Union Col. Henry Capehart commanded Gen. George A. Custer's Third Cavalry Brigade on Custer's left flank. On April 8, 1865, Capehart had only the 1st New York (Lincoln) an 1st and 2nd West Virginia regiments on hand, the 3rd West Virginia ha…
At this place was fought the last skirmish by Captain Wilson T. Jenkins of the 14th North Carolina Regiment commanding 25 men of the 4th and 14th N.C. Regiments.
Prior to midnight on April 8, 1865, with Federal troops closing in on three sides and the line of retreat along the Richmond-Lynchburg Stage Road blocked, General R. E. Lee held a Council of War with his ranking generals to discuss options—s…
Confederate Infantry deployed along this road on the morning of April 9, 1865 prior to the Battle of Appomattox Court House. The battle fought near here would be the last for the Army of Northern Virginia.
Thomas S. Bocock, lawyer and politician, wasborn in present-day Appomattox Co. (thenpart of Buckingham Co.) on 18 May 1815. In1846, he was elected to the U. S. House ofRepresentatives and served there until 1861.In 1859, Bocock was nominated for S…
The 30-foot obelisk marks the Raine family cemetery. Erected in 1912 by C. Hunter Raine, the monument honors past family members, including C. Hunter's father, Charles James Raine, who served as a captain in the Lee Battery of Virginia Artillery. …
At the McLean house at Appomattox, two miles north, took place the meeting between Lee and Grant to arrange terms for the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia. This was at 1:30 P.M. on Sunday, April 9, 1865.