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On this siteArlington erected a standpipe1894The Metropolitan Water Worksacquired the standpipe andbegan to supply water toArlington 1899From the standpipe were also suppliedLexington 1903Belmont 1909The first standpipe was removedand this reservo…
"Uncle Sam"? ? ? ? ? The birthplace of Samuel Wilson once stood near the main crossroad of the Northwest parish of Cambridge, the center of the district known as Menotomy. Wilson, born on September 13, 1766, was only eight when Paul Revere passed …
Built by Martha, widow of William Russell, about 1680. Occupied until 1890 by her descendants, of whom Jason Russell lost his life in the conflict of April 19, 1775.
The road to Captain Cooke's grist mill, built in 1638; the first water mill in this vicinity.
In this neighborhood "The Foot of the Rocks" Henry Wellington, a commissioned officer of the War of 1812-14, and his wife Eliza Teele, natives of this town, made their home in 1819; in honor of his parents, and ancestors, this memorial is erected …
1635Menotomy1807West Cambridge1867Arlington This park is dedicated by the people of Arlington to the memory of Colonial Minutemen and British soldiers who met here in the first great battle of the Revolutionary War. British troops in retreat…
Near this spotSamuel Whittemore,then 80 years old,killed three British soldiersApril 19, 1775.He was shot, bayoneted,beaten and left for dead,but recovered and livedto be 98 years of age.
Site of the houseofJohn Cutter.Set on fire during theBritish retreat,April 19, 1775.
At this spoton April 19, 1775the Old Men of Menotomycaptured a convoy ofeighteen soldiers with supplieson its way to jointhe British at Lexington.
Here stood Cooper's Tavern,in whichJabez WymanandJason Winshipwere killed by the BritishApril 19, 1775.