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This well was hand dug when the town of Palmyra was established in 1857, it served travelers on the Santa Fe Trail, as well as townspeople. The well is 25 ft in diameter and 56 ft deep and about 17 ft to water.
First important repair stop on the Santa Fe Trail Blacksmith~~General Store~~Hotel Well~~Saw Mill~~Post Office Lawyer Settled 1856 Surveyed 1857 The Palmyra Association Donated the Land for Baker University and City of BaldwinSt…
This Angling Road is the Original Santa Fe Trail.Park Area Donated by I. and J. Stickle to Baker University in 1907. D.A.R. Monument Commemorates the Dispersal of Free-State and Pro-Slavery Forces after the Battle of Black Jack. Original Bro…
Here, and for the next 300 miles west, Highway 56 roughly follows the old Santa Fe Trail, and frequently crosses it. White settlement began in this area in 1854, the year Kansas became a territory, and in 1855 the town of Palmyra was founded. When…
Erected this building and opened its door for instruction November 22, 1858Werner Renick Davis, PresidentThe trustees realizing their financial inability to construct a building to meet their dreams of the future requirements of the college, erect…