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Modern road construction methods have evolved utilizing multiple sub grade & substrate layers of compacted earth, crushed stone, concrete, asphalt and can measure up to 36" in depth creating a stable smooth driving surface. Construction of the ori…
First known as Raystown and built during the summer of 1758 by the forces of Col. Henry Bouquet, the fort was the rendezvous from which the expedition of Gen. Forbes advanced to occupy Fort Duquesne (Pittsburgh). Museum stands on the original site.
This millstone, which dates prior to the American Revolution, came from Dutch Corner in Bedford County. Jim Karns found it in 1985 while doing construction work near Imlertown. The mill from which it came is unknown. This stone, which weighs about…
From June 27-July 8, 1861 a newly formed brigade of 1,500 Union troops under Chas. J. Biddle consisting of the 5th and 13th (Bucktail Regiment) PA Reserves, and 1st PA Res. Artillery, encamped here while enroute to relieve Col. Lew Wallace's 11th …
Founded 1681 by William Penn as a Quaker Commonwealth. Birthplace of The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States
Near this site on July 30, 1758, Cols. Bouquet and Washington discussed proposed routes by which Gen. Forbes' army would attack French Ft. Duquesne. Bouquet preferred the route due west from Bedford, while Washington advocated Braddock's 1755 road…
Mail was delivered here on foot over Wills Mtn. from the B&O Railroad in Hyndman, PA. The 4 mile Mail Path was used from 1871 until 1923. Mail was also delivered 4 more miles over Evitts Mtn. to Bean's Cove. After 1923, mail arrived here via Blue …
Settled about 1750, known then as Raystown. Site of an early trade post and Fort Bedford, 1758. Base for Forbes, Bouquet expeditions. In 1794 Washington here reviewed forces in Whiskey Rebellion.
This tablet erected by Bedford Penn'a Chapter Daughters of the American RevolutionMay 30, 1925Marks the site of Fort BedfordOne of the Frontier Forts built by the British in 1758The stockade enclosing the fort contained about 7000 square yards of …
For over 200 years, Bedford County taverns have served as stopovers for weary travelers en route to Pittsburgh or Philadelphia. Over the years, most of these taverns have ceased to operate. However, the Jean Bonnet Tavern continues to offer a fine…