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This stone was used in the wall of the first court house in Morgan County, built by John Sherrard in 1801.
Robert Brown of Berkeley County. He sold half the lot to James Heaton in 1782 and the other half to Michael Davis of Berkeley County the following year. Lot #106: Conveyed by the Trustees of the Town of Bath to Robert Brown, 1777.
George Dick of Berkeley County. It was bought in 1786 by Robert Throckmorton, partner with James Rumsey (see marker Lot #97) at "The Liberty Pole and Flag" Inn, perhaps the most popular inn in Bath. Lot #107: Conveyed by the Trustees of the Tow…
Higgins, of Hampshire County, originally owned this lot.
Joseph Booth of Berkeley County. In 1782 he sold it to Alpheus of Hampshire County, who owned other property in the town. Lot #118: Conveyed by the Trustees of the Town of Bath to Joseph Booth, August 25, 1777.
Henry Whiting of Bath, a cousin of George Washington, who bought five lots the same day. He sold this one the following year to Robert Adams of Alexandria, Va. By 1798 his father-in-law, Col. John Carlyle of Alexandria, Va., owned all the lots pur…
James Smith of York, Pa., one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. He was a member of the Continental congress and a Brigadier General in the Pennsylvania militia. Smith was a leader in the Pennsylvania black country from the outbrea…
James Elliott, a merchant from Chambersburg, Pa. He sold half the lot to George Irwin of York County, Pa., and the other half to Charles Hederich of Berkeley County, Va. (now West Virginia), in 1780. Lot #88: Conveyed by the Trustees of the Tow…
George Irwin of York County, Pa., who later bought half of adjoining Lot #88. Irwin, a merchant, also bought Lot #46. A boarding house was located on this site during most of the early history of Bath. Lot #89: Conveyed by the Trustees of the T…
Bryan Fairfax, Thomas Bryan Martin, Trustees, and George William Fairfax. All three were nephews of Thomas Sixth Lord of Fairfax, owner of the "Northern Rappahannock Rivers. Bryan Fairfax was the next in line to become the Ninth Lord Fairfax, but …