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Fielding Lewis, who married George Washington's sister, Betty. He was appointed Chief Commissioner to superintend a factory in Fredericksburg, Va., to make small arms for the Virginia Revolutionary troops. Lewis used his own money to keep the fact…
Sam Purviance Lot #36 Sam Purviance, a merchant from Baltimore, Maryland. Michael Davis of Bath was listed as the owner in 1798 of this lot along with Lots #37 and #38. Lot #36: Conveyed by the Trustees of the Town of Bath to Sam Purviance, A…
Presented by Fr. Patrick J. Gillooly Assembly 3214 Knights of Columbus Dedicated to all Catholic men & woman who have served God and Country Anno Domini MMXII
After the Civil War, Berkeley Springs was divided between two conflicting economic forces. Hotels and bathhouses dominated the streets surrounding the warm mineral springs. The buildings of DeFord's First National Tannery bumped up against them, f…
The historic spa town of Bath is known to the world by its post office name of Berkeley Springs. From the time he was 16 through the reading of his will in 1799, George Washington ate, slept, owned land and bathed in and around Berkeley Springs…
Nearly 30 years after colonial travelers, including a teenaged George Washington, pitched tents and "took the waters" in stone lined pools, the Virginia Legislature in 1776 established a town called Bath on 50 acres around the warm mineral springs…
Today's 4.5-acre Berkeley Springs State Park has always been public ground. Native tribes were known to use the springs but none called it home. Colonial owner Thomas Lord Fairfax allowed its public use. When the town was established in 1776, the …
Beautiful panorama of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. It overlooks the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal which was started by George Washington and associates in order to improve communication with the west.
This headland overlooks the Potomac and Great Cacapon Valleys and the three states - West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland. The National Geographic Magazine rates this scene among America's outstanding beauty spots.
The pure massive sandstone forming the Warm Springs Ridge is the Oriskany of the driller and geologist. The "Oriskany Sand," an important gas Sand, has produced in excess of a trillion cubic feet of gas in West Virginia.