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Location of theAmerican RedoubtsonDorchester Heightswhich compelled the evacuationof Boston by the British ArmyMarch 17 - 1776.
As the final act of an eleven month siege, the Continental Army occupied these heights and forced the evacuation of British troops from Boston on March 17, 1788 - General George Washington's first victory in the American Revolution.
At this placethe cannon brought byGeneral Henry Knoxfrom Fort Ticonderogato deliver toGeneral George Washingtonin the winter of1775 - 1776were used to forcethe British Armyto evacuate Boston. Erected by the Commonwealthof Massachusetts 1927
In the 1630s, the northern-most slope of the Shawmut Peninsula (or Boston) was a prominent landmark. Settlers soon discovered its strategic overlook of the Harbor and of the Charles River to the west and found the steep hillock well-protected from…
The Signal LanternsofPaul Reveredisplayed in thesteeple of this churchApril 18 1775warned the countryof the march ofthe British troops toLexington and Concord.
Presented by The City Of Boston on the 200th Anniversary of theBoston Tea Party toBoston Tea Party Ship and MuseumDesignating This As The Official Tea Party Site Kevin H. WhiteMayor December 16, 1973
54th Infantry55th Infantry5th CavalryMassachusetts Volunteer Militia1863-1865 "With Malice toward None, with Charity for All." Dedicated tothe African-American troopswho trained here anddistinguished themselves in theCivil War, and to those …
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