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General Highway Administration 1893-1993 Dedicated October 3, 1993 to commemorate 100 years of service to the nation. Through its partnerships with the states, the highway community, and other Federal agencies, FHWA has helped make the United St…
In the predawn darkness of April 13th, 1777, British General Cornwallis led a four-pronged attack on the American garrison at Bound Brook. General Benjamin Lincoln, who was a guest at the Van Horne House, barely escaped capture. Following the batt…
The house stands on its original site over looking the Raritan River. The land was once part of an 834 acre plantation that Derrick's father, Michael, purchased in 1697. Derrick, who was born here in 1699, was a prosperous farmer, respected member…
[Plaque #1]Early History The Lenni Lenape Indians settled along the Raritan River, utilizing the river for food and transportation, while cultivating the flood plains by planting corn and a variety of other crops. Heavy barges hauled goods to t…
18th century home andGeneral Store of Jacob Vosseller.19th century Stage Coach Inn andTavern known as Allen Inn.
By this routeWashingtonwith his armyretired after his victory at PrincetonJanuary, 1777.Erected byCamp Middlebrook ChapterD.A.R.
By this routeWashingtonwith his armyretired after his victoryat PrincetonJan. 1777. Erected byGen. Frelinghuysen ChapterD.A.R.
This remodeled farm house is the last of the farm houses built by members of the Bolmer family. Settling here before 1799, the Bolmers were the first early Dutch settlers in the fertile Washington Valley. Robert and Marie Bolmer had 12 children al…
When Washington's Army was encamped at Middlebrook in the spring of 1777, earthen redoubts were built west of Chimney Rock Road and north of the west branch of the Middlebrook. The redoubts were 75ft. square and 4 ft. deep and were equipped with a…
One of the redoubts andbreastworks erected bythe Continental troops,June, 1777, to defend theencampment in the valley.