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Built by the Province of The Massachusetts Bay In New England, in 1763 Named in honor of Thomas Hollis of London, Merchant, and other members of the same family, constant and generous benefactors of Harvard College from 1719 to 1804 Used as …
On the evening of October 11, 1920, James Walter Mullally, a crossing tender on the Boston & Maine Railroad at the North Cambridge station, which was located nearby, lost his life in a vain attempt to rescue the aged Mrs. Emma Osgood from an oncom…
Near this spot from 1655 to 1698 stood the Indian College. Here American Indian and English students lived and studied in accordance with the 1650 charter of Harvard College calling for the education of the English and Indian youth of this country…
Site of the Fourth Meeting House built in 1756. Here Washington worshipped in 1775. Constitutional Convention of Massachusetts held here in 1779. Lafayette welcomed here in 1824.
Here lived Stephen Daye who set up near by the first printing press in British America 1638
Historic PlaqueOn this spot stoodJake & Earl's Dixie BBQA favorite hangout of local patriotsDestroyed by a regiment of British troops inthe spring of 1775. Officially not on the Freedom Trail, it was still one of Paul Revere's favorite stops fo…
Site of Fort PutnamErected by the American forcesDecember 1775During the Siege of Boston
Near this spot 800 British soldiers from Boston Common landed April 19th, 1775 on their march to Lexington and Concord
From this siteon October 9, 1876the first two-way long distancetelephone conversation was carriedon for three hours. From here inCambridgeport Thomas G. Watsonspoke over a telegraph wire toAlexander Graham Bellat the office of the Walworth Mfg. Co…
Site of the factory of Charles DavenportPioneer of railroad car developmentBuilder of carriages and stages1832 - 1857