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Maj. Gen. Arthur St. Clair1736 - 1818The city of Cincinnati was named by General St. ClairHamilton County was created byHis proclamation Jan. 4, 1790First governor of the Northwest Territory Oct. 5, 1787Major General in the American Revolution
The Miami and Erie Canal———— · ————Over this site once flowed the Miami andErie Canal, linking the Ohio River with theMaumee and Lake Erie. The canal was opened in 1827 and was finally drained…
Approximately at this point two Ohio military trails branched. Reading Road follows the marches of Bowman, Clark, Harmar, Harrison, Clay and Shelby, 1779 - 1812. Central Parkway follows the route of St. Clair and Wayne, 1791 - 1793.
On the site of this school between the years 1846 - 1850 livedStephen C. Foster Master of the Art of Song Composer of My Old Kentucky Home Swanee River Old Black Joe and many others In Native ballad form and melodic strain distinctively Ameri…
The ground on which this building standsformed part of the Fort Washington Reservation— 1789 —— 1808 — This reservation was bounded onthe north by Fourth Street, on the east by Ludlow Street, on the southby the Ohio River,…
On this property in 1831 Bishop Edward Fenwick established a collegeknown as the Anthenaeum and placed itunder the patronage of St. Francis Xavier. In 1840 his seccessor, Bishop John Baptist Purcell,gave the College to members of theSociety of …
George Washington Williams was born in 1849 in Bedford, Pennsylvania. At age 14, he enlisted in the Union Army to fight in the Civil War and received a medical discharge in 1868. In 1874, he became the first African American to graduate from the N…
In honor of the United States Marine Corps and the Marines of Hamilton County who made the supreme sacrifice in theWorld War [Roll of Honored Dead] Corporal Merrill Laws RickettsXVIII Co., V. Reg., U.S. MarinesDefensive Sector · Aisne…
Honor Roll 1941-1945 They Served to Strengthen Democracy [Honor Roll of Names Follows] Clarence M. LusterJames L. RobinsonFrank Louis Byrd[Three above died in service] May They Have Not Served in Vain
A Neighborhood That No Longer ExistsCincinnati is a city of neighborhoods. One of them is very, very special—because it is no longer there. The Bottoms: a dense urban neighborhood full of churches, full of people. It ran from the River to Si…
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