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The City of Clinton is named after Henry Clinton Young (1794 - 1875) A Laurensville Attorney who planned the original streets. The City of Clinton has been chartered four times 1852, 1864, 1886 and 1890Young also served as a Major in the South Car…
Dedicated to the Honor and Glory of all American Veterans who served in all wars in defense of our great country
Eugene Blakely Sloan1922-1969Son of Eugene Blakely and Janie Pressly Lindsay Sloan. Educated at Erskine College, U.S.C. Law School. First Lieutenant, Fifth Air Force, World War II. Court Reporter, Editor, Author, Historian, Naturalist..."He wrote …
An educational scholarship established and this street named in memory of Malcolm A. MacDonald, D.D., third president of Thornwell Home and School, September 1944 - January 1971. His love and dedication to Thornwell's children in his care is grate…
Son of Eugene Blakely Sloan Iand Janie Pressly Lindsay SloanBorn February 22, 1922, Clinton, S.C.Died April 6, 1969, Hunting Island, S.C. Editor, Author, Photographer,Naturalist, Teacher Educated at Erskine Collegeand University of S.C. Law …
[East]Erectedby theStephen D. LeeChapter — 1910[West]OurConfederateHeroes1861 — 1865"Lest We Forget"
HonoringVeteransofAll Wars
In the years before the American Revolution, Edward Musgrove saw his land as the perfect location for a gristmill. The nearby Enoree River provided power for the mill, and demand was high among Backcountry residents for means to grind their crops …
During the Revolutionary War, river fords were a vital resource in controlling communication and transportation in the South Carolina backcountry. With few bridges or roads, these fords offered a tremendous tactical advantage to whomever possessed…
This monument, erected in the early 20th century, stands as a reminder of the legendary Mary Musgrove. She is remembered as a character in the 19th century novel Horseshoe Robinson who took great personal risks spying for the Patriots. While we…