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Born Edward HydeLord High Chancellor for Charles IIPersecuted the DissentersExiled for Private LifeDaughter Married James II
The Fountain was Givento the People of South CarolinaIn Honor ofWilliam Elliott Gonzales1866 - 1937A Founder and Editor ofThe State
First Baron Berkeley of StrattonSupporter of the StuartsSkillful Military CommanderLoyal to the Royal LineFollowed Charles II into Exile
Earl of ShaftesburyAnthony Ashley CooperTwo Rivers Names for HimSupporter of Political FreedomFriend of John Locke
Colonel in English Civil WarGallant Naval OfficerRetired to BarbadosCounty Named for Him
Colonel in the English Civil WarLord Proprietor of New JerseyForeign Military ServiceOn Privy Council of KingDied at 89, Unmarried.
Brother of John BerkeleyGovernor of VirginiaLoyal to Charles IIHung Bacon's SupportersOpposed Schools and Printing
The symbolism of the number "8" in South Carolina's history and government is probably a coincidence; it began with Charles II's appointment of eight (8) Lords Proprietors for the Carolinas. They are named in the fountain placques. Then there w…
[China-Burma-India SealDedicated to the honor and memory of all World War II Veteranswho served in the China - Burma - India TheatreDecember 7, 1941 - March 2, 1945South Carolina BashaDedicated November 11, 1990
The National Registerof Historic PlacesSouth CarolinaDepartment of Archivesand History:Boylston House& Boxwood Gardens
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