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Schmidt's Sausage Haushas been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United StatesDepartment of the Interior
This "Bicentennial Oak" survived initial forest clearing to make way for the state capital development in 1812. In 1888 the tree became the hallmark of the most beautiful woodland boulevard in America, when William G. Deshler paid to have trees pl…
Construction of these brick columns was authorized by the Board of Trustees of the University on November 6, 1915. The columns later supported iron gates bearing the University seal, which were used to close this south entrance to the campus. Matc…
Side one:The Ohio General Assembly established the Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station in 1882. From its inception until 1892, the Station occupied 17 acres on the Columbus campus of The Ohio State University before relocating to 470 acres in Way…
Site of original University Hall. Completed 1874. First campus building housing library, administrative offices, graduate school, dormitory, classics and philosophy. Demolished 1971. Reconstructed 1976. Historical Marker
In memory of Rand P. Hollenback of Columbus, Ohio, The Major or Clintonville. Spacious Whetstone Park and the Park of Roses are synonymous with the name of this great civic leader who was born not far from here in 1899. He lived all of his lif…
Flytown was democracy's melting pot forthe city of Columbus. But even more importantit became known as a port-of-entry for theimmigrant settlers of Central Ohio. Newarrivals found friends and relatives whoguided them through the initial steps ofbe…
When Fernando Cortez and Sophia Stone Kelton built this house in 1852, it was the last residence on East Town Street and was surrounded by pastureland. Ardent abolitionists, the Keltons were members of the local antislavery society. Family traditi…
FranklintonFounded by Lucas SullivantSite of War of 1812 EncampmentGeneral William Henry Harrison, CommanderLand Office and "Harrison House" NSUS Daughters of 1812 - Ohio1983-1987
At the invitation of the citizens of Columbus, Ohio, Abraham Lincoln delivered a memorable address here on the sixteenth day of September, eighteen hundred fifty nine. This commemorative marker was erected on the 75th anniversary of that event …
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