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On July 26, 1701, two days after his arrival, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, founder of Detroit, built a chapel dedicated to Ste. Anne, patron saint of New France. Father Francois Vaillant, a Jesuit, and Father Nicholas Constantine Delhalle, a Fran…
George DeBaptiste, a long-time Mason, and one of Detroit's most active and impassioned black community leaders, lived on this site during the 1850s and 60s. Born in Virginia about 1815, he moved to Madison, Indiana in 1838 and became involved in t…
In the home of William Webb, 200 feet north of this spot, two famous American's met several Detroit Negro residents on March 12, 1859, to discuss methods of abolishing American Negro slavery. John Brown (1800-1859), fiery antislavery leader, arden…
Perry's Victory in Lake ErieSept. 18, 1813
In Lansing, on August 21, 1897, Ransom E. Olds (1864 - 1950) founded the Olds Motor Vehicle Company, the precursor to Oldsmobile. He produced four vehicles that year. In 1899, Olds relocated to Detroit, opening the Olds Motor Works on West Jeffers…
No hostile shots have ever been fired from this star-shaped fort built in the 1840s to guard against a British invasion from Canada which never came. This third bastion to protect the river approach to the city was named for General "Mad" Anthony …
Memorial to the Soldiers and Sailors of 1861-1865
In memory ofourdeceased comradesof the19th U.S. Infantryand other Regts.Erected by the19th U.S. Inf. Veteran Assn.