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One of the earliest Indian paths through the Allegheny Mts. followed this valley. It connected the Upper Allegheny River with the Susquehanna. In 17th century the Senecas used it in war against the Susquehannocks.
The famous cowboy star of cinema and circus was born here, January 6, 1880. A soldier during the Spanish- American War, he won renown for his "wild west" roles in hundreds of motion pictures - both silent and sound - between 1910 and 1935. Tom Mix…
Famed Civil War volunteers departed from this point for Harrisburg, April 1861, where they were mustered into State service. A monument, erected in their honor, is just south of here. This highway and a State park are named for the Bucktails.
(Front):This Monumentat the instance of the people ofCameron Countywas erected byThe State of PennsylvaniaonApril 27, 1908Colonel Edward A. IrvinCorporal Firmin F. KirkSergeant William H. Raughcommissioners(Side):From this town on April 27, 1861, …