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From 1858 to 1860 he wasU.S. Minister to Russia. AsGovernor, his order to fire ona Union Ship in CharlestonHarbor led to the start of theWar Between the States. Helived at Edgewood, one ofEdgefield's greatest homes.He is buried in WillowbrookCemet…
In addition to serving in the U.S. Congress and Senate, Hammond was a very successful planter and agricultural entrepreneur. He coined the phrase "Cotton is King" while in the Senate. "Redcliffe", his plantation home at Beech Island, is now a stat…
A member of the famous Butler families of the Edgefield District, butler promoted education and the building of railroads during his term as Governor. He commanded the Palmetto Regiment during the war with Mexico where he was fatally wounded.
McDuffie was a strongadvocate for the right ofstates to nullify or void actsof Congress within theirborders. He developed andpromoted the NullificationTheory & also served in theU.S. House and U.S. Senate.
The son of General AndrewPickens, he served as aColonel in the War of 1812.During his term as Governor,there was considerablefocus on building roads andcanals in the state. Hisson, Francis W. Pickens, wasalso Governor of our State.
ReligionFounded in 1768 as a result of a religious revival sweeping the American colonies known as the "Great Awakening," Horn's Creek Baptist church was one of the first churches established in the South Carolina backcountry. The church quickly b…
Horns Creek Baptist ChurchThis church was constituted in 1768 by the Reverend Daniel Marshall, one of the founders of the Baptist faith in this part of South Carolina. Other early ministers of Horns Creek included Hezekiah Walker, Samuel Marsh, an…
Richard Tutt HouseThe Tutt house which formerly stood on this site is believed to have been the first home at Edgefield Court House. Richard Tutt was one of the party who in October 1775 arrested Tory leader Robert Cunningham and escorted him to C…
1826Original site of Furman Academy and Theological Institution.Marked by the Old 96 District Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution.1926
Village AcademyOrganized in 1811, the Edgefield Village Academy was located for many years on this site acquired from Col. Eldred Simkins in 1825. The South Carolina Coeducational Institute was located here from 1903-1913. During Reconstruction, m…