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"For Christ commands us to be baptized and to believe in him. Even if we can believe so strongly not know, as we probably should, but God has patience with us."(WA 51, 195, 17f) "There is no poorer, lower, despised student on earth as God. It m…
1563-1564 erbaut als ?F?rnehme Lateinschule" auf Grund des ?Luthervertrags" (1546), neu errichtet 1604(nach Zerst?rung bei Stadtbrand 1601).Hier wirkte der geistliche Liederdichter Martin Rinckart 1610/11.1883 Umzug des K?niglich-Preu?ischen Gymna…
· The development of mining in the town of Eisleben is connected closely with the "Bergschule", or Mining School. At the start of the 18th century new scientific discoveries necessitated the education of specialists to ensure the long-term…
Built in 1500 by Count Albrecht IV, 1570-1616 seat of the Superintendent Office and the Office of the Upper Eisleben, in 1609 abandoned as City Palace, from 1671 to 1992 the seat of important administrative institutions of the Mansfeld mining and …
In this house there was the goldsmith's workshop by Carl Geyer, the step-uncle of Richard Wagner, in which the great German composer stayed from early October 1821 until September 1822. ————————&m…
In diesem hause starb Dr. M. Lutherden 18. Februar 1546. —————————— In this home, Dr. Martin Lutherdied on February 18, 1546.
[East Panel - An angel crushes Satan with the Shield of Truth - note the Luther Rose] [South Panel - Luther translates the Bible] [West Panel - Luther and his family sign hymns] [North Panel - The Leipzig Disputation between Luther and Jo…
In this home, Richard Wagner stayed with his step-uncle, Master Goldsmith Carl Geyer, from 19 September 1822 for some time. —————————— In diesem Hause hielt sich Richard Wagner ab 1…
In der Turmkapelle dieser Kirchewurde D. Martin Lutheram Martinstage 1483 getauft —————————— In the tower chapel of this churchD. Martin Luther was baptizedon St. Martin's Day 1483
In diesem hause wurde geborenDr. M. Lutherden 10. November 1483.————————In this house was bornDr. M. Lutheron 10 November 1483.