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Constructed on Sherman Creek in Huntington Valley, 60 miles south of Elko, by rancher Valentine Walther. It took Walther, family and friends seven years to complete and was finished in 1903. The house served as a home, post office, stage stop and …
On December 29, 1868, representatives of the Central Pacific Railroad started laying out lots for the future town of Elko. By 1870, the thriving town had 5,000 people. There was an immense volume of freight and passenger traffic over the stageline…
On April 6, 1926, Varney Air Lines pilot Leon Cuddeback, carrying one bag of mail, landed his tiny Curtis Swallow bi-plane at Elko, Nevada, completing the first scheduled air mail run in the United States. The single engine, 90-horsepower aircr…
In 1895, Nevada established the County High School Act. Built in 1896, this was the first school building in Nevada to be constructed under this act. The structure served as the Elko County Library from 1917 to 1974, when the county offices locate…
Preserving ourBasque Heritage EuzkaldunakElko Basque Club Lowell Swenseid, Artist 2000 A.D.