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Home OfThaddeus And Eunice Dennie BurrHereDorothy Quincy and John HancockPresidentOf The Continental CongressWere Married in 1775Burned By British in 1779Rebuilt in 1790
Fairfield Honor RollIn Honor of the Men and Women who Have Served InWorld War I ? World War II ? Korea ? Vietnam ? Persian Gulf[ far left panel ] Korea ? [ 559 names listed] [ left panel ] World War I ? [ 438 names listed] [ three center panel…
This Memorial is hereby dedicatedto the men and women whohonorably served in the Armed Forcesof the United States of Americaduring the Vietnam WarDecember 22, 1961 - May 7, 1975May their sacrifices for humanrights never be forgotten
This boulder commemoratesthe settlement of Fairfieldby Roger Ludlow in 1639and the burning of the Townby the British July 8, 1779. From the founding of the Townthe religious, military and civic lifeof the peoplehas centered around this Green
This building is renamed and dedicated in honor and memory of Fairfield's first Selectman John J. Sullivan (1906 - 1997) Who spent 24 years (1959 - 1983) as town leader. Our town was his life. He lived his values, respected the dignity of ot…
Marker front:In 1639 Roger Ludlow and five companions, after serving in the Pequot War, purchased from the Indians a rich and abundant expanse of land which they called by the Indian name "Uncowaye." Shortly thereafter the name "Fairfield" replace…
Inmemory ofRevd John JonesAB ? MA The RevdJohn Joneswas born inSouthampton Englandin 1595 and was a graduate ofQueens College CambridgeA Puritan divine of theChurch of England he wasthe first pastor of theFirst Church of Christin Fairfieldwhic…
In memoryofThomas Sherwood1586 - 1655 Puritan - Pioneer - Ancestor A founder of New EnglandA first settler of FairfieldDeputy to the General CourtCommitteemanSoldier of the Pequot War and his wivesAlice Seabrooke ? 1587 - 1639Mary Fitch ?…
In memory ofAndrew WardBorn in England 1597One of the founders ofWethersfield and Stamford———An honored citizen ofFairfield Conn.where he died in 1659———Member of a Commission graunted tosev'al p'sons to governe…
1775 ? 1783In everlasting memoryof the Patriots and Soldiers ofFairfield who served in the Warof the American Revolution ———Erected by the Eunice Dennie Burr ChapterDaughters of the American RevolutionA.D. 1904