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Martha Brookes Hutcheson (1871-1959) was one of America's first women landscape architects. After studying for three years in the Landscape Architecture program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she began her practice in 1902. Mrs. Hutches…
Martha Brookes Hutcheson, renowned as one of America's first professional female landscape architects, lived at Merchiston Farm. Now called Bamboo Brook, from 1911 to 1959. These gardens are an example of an early 20th-century landscape designe…
Home of Martha Brookes Hutcheson, prominent early woman landscape architect who transformed this 18th century working farm into outstanding example of natural and classic landscape design.
Dedicated in memory of Chief Philip Koechlein for seventy-four years of service. Admitted ? ? ? ? ? ? ?1921Fire Dispatcher ? ? 1921 - 1969Chief ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1926 - 1928 Answered the final alarm October 8, 1995 "Phil, you set the st…
When Earth temperatures started cooling about 100,000 years ago, ice built up in the North to over a mile in height. Forced to flow outward by its own weight, the ice sheet spread south, bulldozing the land. Then with a rise in global temperature,…
The Estate ofCatherine "Kate" Everit Macy Ladd (1863-1945)and Walter Graeme Ladd (1857-1933)Designed and Built1905-1912ArchitectsGuy Lowell (1870-1927)andHenry J. Hardenbergh (1847-1918)
P.J. Boatwright served the USGA with dedication and distinction for over three decades.Renowned for his expertise in conducting championships, he was also the world's foremost authority on the rules of golf.P.J. was the ultimate arbiter in maintai…
Far Hills Station was built by the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad in 1914 and was designed by a staff architect, L.R. Simpson. Simpson was an assistant to Frank J. Nies, a prolific architect for the railroad, who designed most of the stat…
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Site of "Lime Burning" operations 1794 - 1945. Lime making is explained on the public bulletin board.