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With the faith and courage of their forefathers who made possible the freedom of these United States The Boy Scouts of America dedicate this copy of the Statue of Liberty as a pledge of everlasting fidelity and and loyalty The Crusade t…
Purple Heart Memorial Combat Wounded Veterans Dedicated May 20, 2005
Dedicated to those who served and those who waited (Names Listed - Two Panels) In the center is a second smaller marker that reads: Veterans of the Korean War 1950-1953Dedicated 19 August 2000
Purple Heart MemorialCombat Wounded VeteransDedicated May 20, 2005
President of University of Arkansas 1939-1941.U.S. Representative 1943-1944.U.S. Senator 1945.Delegate to the United Nations 1954.Author of Fulbright Resolution for International Cooperation 1943.Originator of Fulbright International Exchange Scho…
Whose heartfelt understandingof his fellowmanmade possible the planningof this avenue February 1931
The University of Arkansas came into being under the Morrell Land-Grant College Act of 1862, through which federal land sales established colleges devoted to "agriculture and mechanic arts," scientific and classical studies, and military tactics f…
Following a 16-0 victory over LSU in Memphis on Nov. 13, 1909, the University of Arkansas football team was greeted at the Fayetteville train station across the street by a crowd of fans and students. Arkansas was 5-0 after the win and would finis…
This Ante-Bellum Home was built on land granted to Washington County by an Act of Congress to build a court house, entitled "An Act for the Relief of Fayetteville, in the Territory of Arkansas," and signed June 26, 1834 by President Andrew Jackson…
This house was built in 1845 by Judge David Walker. He sold it in 1850 to Stephen K. Stone, whose family lived here during and after the Civil War. A solid shot from Fagan's Confederate Battery on October 3, 1864 pierced the west wall of the house…