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This monument honoring local Civil War soldiers resulted from the nationalist sentiment following the war. In 1894 local artist and Fond du Lac resident Mark Harrison bequeathed $500 to erect a monument in what is now Veterans Park. On June 7, 1…
???? This engine was built in 1911 by the American Locomotive Company of New York. It was one of four engines purchased by the Wisconsin Central in May, 1911. It was built light for passenger service. It weighs almost 100 tons. It was fired by a …
Memorial to Those Who Served in the War With Spain 1898 — 1902 (U.S.S. Maine plaque) In Honor to Our Dead Freedom Patriotism Humanity
This site marks the Fond du Lac County Farm Cemetery. The Farm, no longer extant, was founded in 1856 to assist indigent and mentally ill county residents. The cemetery, about 65' x 295' in size, was also known as the Courthouse Burial Grounds. Wo…
(engraving) First Fond du Lac Home Fanna Pier 1838Daughter of Nathan and Betsey Kendell, wife of Colwert Pier, died March 1, 1838 aged 30. Being the first white female resident and the first death in the County of Fond du Lac. · Colwert …
On March 1, 1838, Fanna Pier, the first white woman to live in Fond du Lac County, died at the age of 30 after a short illness. Her death was the first of a white person in the county. This plot of high ground was selected for the burial two days …
Supple's Marsh came into being along with Lake Winnebago after retreat of a glacial ice sheet that covered this region 10,000 years ago. The retreating glacier deposited gravel and rocks that blocked ancient northward flowing drainage systems t…
Grand Army of the Republic MemorialDriveLest We ForgetPlaced byColonel C. K. Pier CircleLadies of the Grand Army of the Republic1932
Dedicated to all veteranswho have served our countrypast - present - future.We shall not forget.1995 Second WardHonoring those whoanswered their countriescall in World War II.These gave their lives:William H. Altnau · William J. Blanck &…
Fond du Lac CountyRolling MeadowsGolf Course Dedicated to AllWar Veterans ofFond du Lac CountyThisBicentennial Year1976 A Time CapsuleContaining HistoricalInformation SealedHerein - To BeOpened in the Year2076