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In honor ofBraxton BraggLieutenant Colonel, USAGeneral, CSA Born: Warrenton N.C.22 March 1817Died: Galveston, Texas27 September 1876War Department General Order No. 77, 21 August 1918, established Camp Bragg, N.C. in honor of "Capt. Braxton Bra…
This housing area is named in memory of courageous airborne troops of the U.S. Army who refused to surrender during the intense and bitter fighting against a numerically superior enemy, 19 December 1944 - 15 January 1945, in the area of Bastogne B…
To commemorate the 50th Anniversaryof the Crossing of the Waal RiverHonoring our KIA's - MIA'sSeptember 20, 1944"C" Company, 307th Engineer Battalionwas in the assault wave with theThird Battalion,504th Parachute Infantry Regimentthat crossed the …
Carved in 1919 by a Georgiastonesmason to pay tributeto the 82D Division's 328thInfantry. Moved from CampGordon, Georgia first homeof the 82D, to Fort Bragg inthe 1950s [Rock Inscription reads]Dedicated to the memoryof the men of the 328thInfan…
In honor and memory ofthe paratrooopers of the4th Battalion,325th AirborneInfantry Regiment,"The Gold Falcons"
Used to support airborne operationsfrom the 1940s through the 1960s.First aircraft to handle large parachuteloads containing 3/4 ton trucks and105-mm howitzers.
A fully-tracked 90mm gun developed inthe 1950s to provide airborne troops witha mobile antitank weapon. Used by airbornearmored battalions and airborne infantrytank companies in the 1960s.
This six ton Sheridan from C Company,3rd Battalion, 73rd Armor, was dropped byparachute into Panama on 20 December1989 during Operation JUST CAUSE.The Sheridan replaced the Scorpionin the late 1960s, but Panama was thefirst time that U.S. Army arm…
Developed late in World War II, the 90mmwas the most powerful American antitankweapon of that conflict. It was used bythe 82nd Airborne Division in the postwarera between 1946 and 1956.
Nicknamed the Huey, helicoptersof this type supported Divisionairmobile operations in the 1960sand 1970s. The UH-1 was alsocapable of dropping paratroopersor sling loading heavy equipment