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Early transportation tunnel in Kentucky. It was hand bored by Lexington and Frankfort Railroad in 1849. First passenger train went through on February 23, 1850. Replaced incline, built 1835 just east of here, previously used by railroad to enter F…
Site surveyed July 16, 1773. Founded by General James Wilkinson. Chartered byVirginia Legislature Oct., 1786. Chosen Capital of KentuckyDecember 1792
Daniel Boone - PioneerBorn, Pa., 1734. Died, Mo., 1820. Married Rebecca Boone, 1756, N.C. First trip to Kentucky, 1767. Set up Ft. Boonesborough, 1775, blazed Wilderness Trail and settled. Frontiersman, surveyor, settler, legislator and sheriff. D…
First American to raise U.S. flag on foreign soil at Battle of Derne on shores of Tripoli, April 27, 1805. Led attack that overcame Barbary Coast pirates who were holding 180 American seamen for ransom. O'Bannon came to Logan County in 1807. Serve…
Born 1734; died 1820. Entered Eastern Kentucky, 1767; explored Bluegrass Region, 1769-71; guided Transylvania Company, blazed Wilderness Trail, built Fort Boonesborough in 1775; directed defense of the fort, 1778; emigrated to Missouri, 1799; rein…