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April 21, 1898In remembrance of the men of Franklin who volunteered to serve in the war against Spain because of:? Conflict of Spanish policies threatening the United States power in the western hemisphere? Mysterious Sinking of the U.S. Battleshi…
27 June 1950 · 31 January 1955Dedicated to the men and women of Franklin who served their country when the democracy of a free people was threatened.
5 August 1964 · 7 May 1975Dedicated by the people of Franklin to honor those who served their country during hostilities in Vietnam.
Dedicated to the men and women of Franklin who served their country in the pursuit of a free Iraq.20 March 2003We commemorate and shall remember those who gave their lives on our behalf.
This Monument is dedicated to those who left their daily tasks among us to fight and die if needed be that freedom may live.Those who have made the supreme sacrifice in the World War Lawrence J. Clark · Edward L. Grant · James R. Mur…
7 December 1941 · 31 December 1946Dedicated to the honor and sacrifice of the men and women of Franklin who answered their country's call when hostile nations made unprovoked attacks upon free nations of the world.
Pioneer of the Public School SystemBorn May 4, 1796