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William L. Hutcheson Memorial Forest has been designated a National Natural Landmark. This site possesses exceptional value as an illustration of the nation's natural heritage and contributes to a better understanding of the environment. 1976. Nat…
In memory ofthe Soldiersof Kingstonwho fought bravelyfor our Independence.
Prior to 1766, our house of worship was built on this site. The wooden structure was destroyed by fire in 1791, and a new building was erected on the same foundation soon afterward. This church building served our congregation until 1852 when we m…
This 1688 house became the home of Hendrick Fisher, prominent citizen and patriot leader until his death in 1778
Historic Blackwells Mills Canal House circa 1835. Home to generations of Bridge Tenders who opened and closed the swinging bridge for canal traffic.
Early 18th century house of Garret Voorhees was burned by the retreating troops of General Howe in 1777. Rebuilt in 1793
The Delaware and RaritanCanal was built, 1830 - 34,by Canvass White. Closedin 1933, it now supplieswater for industry
Site of "Conference On Horseback," January 3, 1777, at which Washington decided to move toward Morristown rather than New Brunswick . . . . a decision that probably prevented a critical American defeat.
By this routeWashingtonwith his armyretired to Morristownafter his victoryat PrincetonJanuary - 1777———————Erected by theD-A-R
A natural waterway follows the contours of the land over which it flows, the depth of water varies, depending on the quantity and velocity of flow. To maintain the constant depth of water required for transportation, a canal is engineered as a ser…