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The Curtis Creek Iron Furnace (also calle Aetna or Etna Furnace), established c. 1759, stood on the south side of Furnace Branch Creek in Glen Burnie, where Rte. 10 now crosses. The location ensured access to local iron ore deposits, wood from sur…
This site was originally settled in 1649 and was known as the Westminster parish. About 1780 it was the property of Francis Cromwell, a cousin of the monarch of England. It was obtained by the Curtis Creek Mining Co. in 1850 from the estate of Joh…
Built 1904. Originally Glenburnie Chapel, 1891.
This area of 4.97 acres was purchased on August 1, 1961 by the Glen Burnie Recreation Association Inc. through the foresight and effort of the member of this organization, and the cooperation and support of many people, it is dedicated forever to …
To all who served our nation in the name of freedom. Dedicated by American Leagion Post 40, Glen Burnie, MD, Memorial Day - 1991.
This historic school is a significant example of a Rosenwald School design and represents a landmark era in black education in the period before federal support of local education. The school was built in 1927 with funds raised by the local Africa…
So we do not forget to honor Sgt. Ronald M. Randazzo and the men and women of Desert Storm 1991. Give not one inch of our most sacred land to the enemies of freedom, but give all of lifes precious blood if need be to preserve it. - Samuel C. Ke…
This monument and fountain erected by Glen Burnie Post No. 40, Inc., The American Legion, in memory of our departed comrades, World War 1917.
Dedicated to the memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice and in honor of those who served in the Armed Forces of our country in World War II.
Named in 1921, formerly Wellham. Railroads have long been part of Ferndale's history. The WB&A Railroad steamed through the neighborhood from 1888 to 1950, carrying as many as 1,750,000 passengers a year. With the historic spike pulling ceremony o…