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Known first as Tyndall's Point. The colonists built a fort here in 1667. In 1676 Bacon led his rebels across the river here. Tarleton and Dundas occupied the place in October, 1781, in the siege of Yorktown. Cornwallis planned to break through the…
The earthworks before you are the remains of the star-shaped "covering work" that helped to defend the York River against Union attack from 1861 to 1862. Tyndall's (Gloucester) Point was first fortified in 1667 and was officially named Fort James …
Here, at the Hook, Tarleton, commanding the cavalry of Cornwallis's army, fought an action with Choisy's French force and Virginia militia, October 3, 1781. The Duke de Lauzun's cavalry charged Tarleton, who retired to Gloucester Point. There he w…