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Neighbors-Governors? Former home of John Adair, governor 1820-24. Born in S.C., 1757. Died here, 1840. As governor, he promoted expansion of higher education, prison reform, abolition of imprisonment for debt. Over. (Reverse) Mercer Gov…
This graveyard was justSouth of Fort Harrod.The original fort waslocated on the hill whereour present day parkinglot is. Over 480 gravestones still remain in thispioneer graveyard.
Circa late 18th centuryTree crown is 76'Tree height is 88'Circumference of tree standing 12'-4"Diameter at breast height 56" This tree is taller and broader thanthe National Champion, but remainsUnofficial National Champion due tothe split trunk.
The parents of our nation's sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln, were Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks. In this cabin, on June 12, 1806, they were married by Reverend Jesse Head.
The Lincoln family first came to America in the seventeenth century, originally settling in the Massachusetts Bay colony. The Lincolns continued to move throughout the colonies, settling in present-day New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Thoma…
The marriage of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks took place on the Beechland property of Nancy's uncle, Richard Berry Sr., in Washington County, about twenty-five miles southwest of here, on June 12, 1806. The ceremony was presided over by the Rever…
Begun in 1774 by James Harrod and Company, the Fort was crucial to the settlement of Harrodsburg and Kentucky. The present replica was erected in 1927 on Old Fort Hill also known as Seminary Hill. President Franklin D. Roosevelt visited the Fort i…
Born in Pa., this explorer and military leader came here in 1774. Chose Big Spring as site of Ky.'s first settlement. When that area flooded, he and his men built Fort Harrod on higher ground. James Harrod led in protecting area and promoting stat…
(obverse)A crude fortification was located at "The Big Spring," 1774. Warned of impending Indian war, Harrod and his men were ordered east to participate in Dunmore's War. They returned in 1775 and chose this site on high ground; it was more defen…
Early Gun Shop Site Here Benjamin Mills made some of finest rifles in US, ca. 1830-50. His muzzle loaders famous for dual trigger system. Used by Kit Carson and Dr. Christopher Graham, conceded to be best rifle shot in world at that time. Used …