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This property has beenplaced on theNational Registerof Historic Placesby the United StatesDepartment of the Interior
In November of 1862, after the fighting of the U.S.-Dakota War had drawn to a close, those who had not engaged in battle — mostly women and children — were taken overland by U.S. soldiers from the Redwood (Lower Sioux) Agency to a conc…
The Minnesota River Valley was ripe for conflict in 1862. Tensions between the Dakota people and the U.S. government had long been brewing over broken treaty promises and dramatic changes to Dakota traditional lifestyles. Focused on the Civil War,…
In 1852, Joseph R. Brown founded the town of Henderson after a 32-year career as a soldier at frontier outposts, fur trader, experimental farmer, justice of the peace, speculator, lumberman, lobbyist and legislator, transportation agent and newspa…
In Honor of theMen and WomenWho Served OurCountry
The Minnesota River Valley has been home to many cultures. Paleo, Archaic, Plains, Woodland, Iowa, Oneota and Dakota Indians followed each other in the basin. After 1852, settlers from Europe and the eastern U. S. came to the valley looking for a …
Welcome to the Joseph R. Brown Minnesota River Center. In this restored 1879 Sibley County Courthouse is a Center dedicated to telling the many stories of the Minnesota River valley from the South Dakota hills to Fort Snelling, and of the peopl…
Joseph R. BrownPioneer.Statesman.Soldier.1805 — 1870Founderof Henderson.
This buildingwas erected by members ofSt. Jude's Episcopal Church CongregationThe first Episcopal services were held in Henderson on February 26, 1856. The building was consecrated on July 31, 1873 by Bishop Whipple. The property was conveyed to t…
In Memory OfJohn Other DayNoble Sioux Chieftainwho piloted 62 whitesto safety in theOutbreak of 1862"I commend him to the care of a just God and a liberal government" Maj. T. J. Galbraith.