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In Memory OfMy Beloved HusbandGeorge F. BayerBorn: Sept. 27, 1800Died: March 18, 1839And Our SonCharles H.Born: May 16, 1837Died: Jan. 29, 1839Wife and children I must leave youLeave my home and all my woeBut my beloved Savior calls meCalls me to …
In memory of the early pioneers who perished in the explosion of the steamboat "Big Hatchie" at the wharf at Hermann in 1842, the thirty-five dead that lie buried here in unmarked graves and the many whose bodies were never recovered from the wate…
is a contributing buildingto the United StatesDepartment of Interior'sHermann Historic District
This home is on theNational Registerof Historic PlacesThe United StatesDepartment of the Interior
Strehly HouseThis house combines the European half-timber construction with the local brick tradition. It is representative of the less affluent Germans who emigrated to Missouri in the early 19th century, survived frontier hardships, and prospere…
In the year A.D. 9 the warrior Hermann, then known as Arminius, led an army of northern Europeans to oppose a Roman intrusion into their homeland. In the ensuing Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, the annihilation of three Roman legions by Hermann's …
has been placed on theNational Register ofHistoric Placesby the United StatesDepartment of the Interior Catherine Oelschaeger Gentner bought the house in 1882 for $1,500. She and her husband, G. Heinrich, had been a part of the first group who …
[Honor Roll of Veterans]
has been placed on theNational Register ofHistoric Placesby the United StatesDepartment of the Interior
[A series of deteriorating tiles inlaid in the sidewalk tell the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery Story] [Tile 2 reads] The "Corps of Discovery began its way up the Missouri aboard a 56' keelboat with two smaller pirogues. Most of Clark's tim…